Authorized Partner

Authorized Partner

An Authorized Partner uses ClearCenter solutions under their own brand to build their business.

Build Your Own Brand

A ClearCenter Authorized Partner drives an alternative business model with the use of ClearCenter solutions. A Broadband Service Provider may use ClearCenter solutions to enhance their broadband services. A Independent Hardware Vendor may use ClearCenter solutions to drive their hardware revenue. In all cases, Authorized Partners invest significant time and resources to provision ClearCenter solutions to their customers in the field and receive the full support of ClearCenter as they manage their service offerings.

Find out today how you can enhance your business with Authorized ClearCenter Hybrid IT solutions!

Authorized Partner Categories

Whether you're interested in white labeling ClearCenter products or becoming authorized to install and deploy ClearOS on your own branded hardware, Authorized Partners enjoy a unique opportunity to increase their brand awareness and customer retention deploying Hybrid IT.

Find out today how you can enhance your business with Authorized ClearCenter Hybrid IT solutions!


ClearBSP - Broadband Service Provider


Broadband Service Providers offer network access to homes and/or businesses. They benefit from ClearCenter's offerings by extending their existing services and giving their customers ClearCenter products designed to increase security and manageability.

ClearOEM - Original Equipment Manufacture


ClearOEMs look for ways to generate revenue within their own product lines. As a partner, they gain access to resources to help them brand ClearCenter solutions when integrating with their existing product lines.

ClearIHV - Independent Hardware Vendor


ClearCenter partners with hardware vendors to certify their products and recommend how users deploy ClearCenter products and services on that hardware. This allows hardware vendors to increase their market and reduce support costs.

ClearISV - Independent Software Vendor


Software developers partner with ClearCenter to ease the integration of their software within customer systems. They have the ability to tap into the ClearCenter Service Delivery Network for distribution of their applications in a standard environment to reduce support costs and increase revenue.