ClearCenter Overview

Simple, Secure & Affordable

ClearCenter provides an open software platform uniquely tailored to fit the IT needs of almost any environment that is simple, secure & affordable. Introducing ClearOS Community & ClearOS Professional Edition software for your Server, Network, & Gateway. Each has the ClearCenter Marketplace included to allow for on-demand installation and management of your features and third party apps & services. Need Hardware? We've custom engineered ClearBOXs to ship pre-installed with ClearOS Professional so you have a turn-key solution.


ClearOS | Marketplace

ClearOS is a stable, secure and simple software platform that allows you to tailor your system easily to the needs of your environment. With features spanning the Server, Network, & Gateway you have the ability to simply consolidate your systems into on manageable appliance or easily set up multiple ClearOS systems to share the load. Whether you choose the fully supported and business ready ClearOS Professional or the self supported but business tested ClearOS Community Edition you receive the stability and simplicity of ClearOS matched by ClearCenter's Marketplace which allows for easy extensibility on demand. With over 250,000 installations of ClearOS running in over 140 countries you also can be sure that this operating system has likely be well tested in an environment like yours. ClearBOX

Hybrid Appliances

ClearBOX Hybrid Appliances were engineered specifically for ClearOS. We understand that it doesn't alway take bloated hardware running bloated software to make your infrastructure reliable, secure and affordable. Infact it's quite the opposite. We believe the more [Open] you are with your software the more secure you are as transparency is key. When it comes to ClearOS, systems don't have the same requirements and you are able to manage larger environments with lower spec'd equipment. This allows you to consolidate your equipment by using smaller equipment but also reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint by selecting an appliance averaging 40watts of electricity to run.

ClearBOXs are designed to fit almost any situation whether you need a simple security appliance or more of an All-In-One type solution. With a ClearBOX deploying the solution is painless and easy. You have a choice of configuration options and specification options to suite your needs. Learn More about ClearBOXs today.

ClearCenter Roots

ClearCenter was born with a single purpose, to deliver a stable solution based on the Server, Network, & Gateway; that makes delivering IT highly scalable and easy to manage. This effort combined with a global partner community and expert staff has allowed ClearCenter to build award winning products such as ClearBOX, offer top-tiered support via ClearCARE and continue with industry changing features in ClearOS.

ClearOS and our ClearSDN technology were initially developed in the labs of Point Clark Networks. Starting at Day-One, the software solution was designed to combine an easy-to-use Linux based Server/Gateway software distribution (historically know as ClarkConnect) with innovative value-added services.

ClearCenter acquired both Point Clark Networks and its ClarkConnect Linux distribution in 2009. This combined the original vision of remote services delivery by Peter Baldwin and Ben Chambers with Michael Proper's vision around a simple, highly scalable platform stemmed from his experience starting and growing DirectPointe, Inc. (a US based Managed Service Provider) from its inception in 2000 to the top of its industry and its acknowledgment as the world’s Number 1 MSP in 2007-2008 by MSPMentor.

ClarkConnect History

Point Clark Networks started as a concept on the back of a napkin on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University. In May 2000, the company moved from concept to reality and started developing solutions for the broadband Server/Gateway market. The core team was formed with engineering and technologists from Queen's University.

The first version of ClarkConnect Service Delivery Network (now know as ClearSDN) was launched delivering services to the public in November 2000. This initial release included a basic software update service along with a dynamic DNS service. Today, ClearSDN includes dozens of unique services available in the ClearCenter Marketplace to help its partners, consumers and businesses get the most out of their Server, Network & Gateway technology.

Point Clark Networks Limited (PCNL) believed that broadband means more than just a fast connection. Broadband is sparking the growth of new and innovative services that can take advantage of an always-on Internet. To help organizations build these services, PCNL developed the ClarkConnect Linux distribution software in conjunction with the Service Delivery Network (SDN) infrastructure for building and delivering services to Internet devices. The Gateway Services that supports ClarkConnect is a direct application of the SDN technology.