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The Date/Time configuration tool allows you to:

  • Select your time zone
  • Synchronize your clock with network time servers
  • Enable/disable a local time server for your network


This feature is part of the core system and installed by default.

You can find this feature in the menu system at the following location:




The system date, time and time zone information is displayed for informational purposes. Please make sure it is accurate since it is not unusual to have computer clocks improperly set on a new installation.

Time Zone

It is important to have the correct time zone configured on your system. Some software (notably, mail server software) depends on this information for proper time handling.

NTP Time Server

An NTP Time Server is built into ClearOS. Some software may require a local time server, notably:

  • VoIP/PBX systems
  • Advanced Windows Networking

You may also want to add the ClearOS NTP Server to the DHCP Server settings; most DHCP clients will then be automatically configure the NTP server.

Time Synchronization

Hitting the button will synchronize the system's clock with network time servers.

Special thanks to ClearCenter for providing the time servers for all ClearOS systems!


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