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How to Buy

This document outlines how you can purchase software and services on an existing ClearOS installation using the web-based administration tool. If you would like to make purchases for a new ClearOS installation, please proceed through the online store.

Getting Started

Making Purchases via ClearOS 5.x Webconfig

In the ClearOS webconfig tool, you will find value added software and services from ClearCenter under the ClearCenter (as shown in the adjacent screenshot). Here are some of the ClearSDN services that you can access in ClearOS:

Example Walkthrough - Purchasing Two Services

To demonstrate how to make purchases, we will take you on a walkthrough of how to purchase both Content Filter Updates and Antimalware/Antivirus Updates.

First, go to ClearCenter|Content Filter Updates in the menu. You will see a summary of this service along with an area to start making your purchase. Decide and select the service level (weekly or monthly in this example). Since you want to also purchase Antimalware/Antivirus Updates, click on so that you can continue with making additional purchases.

Purchasing Antimalware Updates proceeds in a similar way:

  • Go to ClearCenter|Antimalware Updates in the menu.
  • Select one of the available service levels
  • Click on

At the top of the page, you will see a link to view your cart. Follow this link or just click on the ClearCenter|Virtual Shopping Cart at any time. Next, you will proceed through the checkout process.

Proceed to Checkout

Before proceeding through the checkout process, you are given the opportunity to change the contents of your virtual shopping cart. Once you are happy with your selections, click on at the bottom of the page. At this point, you are prompted for our account password as shown below.

Proceed to checkout

Once authenticated, you will go through a standard online checkout process. At the end of the checkout process, your ClearCenter services will be activated!

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