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ClearOS 5.2 Service Pack 1 Release Notes

From time to time, Service Packs are released with all the latest updates, bug fixes and features enhancements. If you have the original release or an older service pack installed, there is no need to re-install or upgrade! All you need to do is visit the Software Updates page in webconfig to install all the available updates.

Release Information

Release Date

ClearOS Enterprise 5.2 Service Pack 1 was released October 21, 2010.



  • Ability to enable services (for example, Content Filter Updates) on the fly
  • Ability to install software modules developer by vendors and the ClearFoundation community

Technical Information

  • Improved support for remote backup purging
  • Added mail quarantine auto purge script Tracker #156
  • Fixed password change from Windows desktops Tracker #120
  • Updated browse options for web server share Tracker #145
  • Added additional support for ClarkConnect 4.x upgrades Tracker #147
  • Fixed user export issue Tracker #119

Release Notes

The full release notes for ClearOS Enterprise 5.2 can be found here.


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