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MiniUPnP App


UPnP is a collection of protocols which allow devices to discover and communicate with each other. Miniupnpd supports the UPnP Internet Gateway Device (IGD) specifications and allows devices and apps (games consoles/TiVo/Torrent Clients/PC games/etc to set up port forwarding on the gateway automatically. It is a common function in domestic routers and Miniupnpd is ClearOS's implementation of it.

The underlying miniupnpd package is maintained by the MiniUPnP Project

UPnP is generally not considered suitable for a Business environment as it can automatically set up port forwards in the server which may be a security concern

The Miniupnpd App

This currently only has a Start/Stop button.

The app will automatically detect your default WAN interface and all your LAN (not HotLAN or DMZ) interfaces and configure itself to use them.


If you want to enable it for your HotLAN, please uncomment the line in /etc/miniupnpd/miniupnpd_clearos.conf.

Other Configuration Options

All other configurations options are found in /etc/miniupnpd/miniupnpd.conf

XBox and WHS users may need to also use low ports (ports between 0 and 1023). If you find you need this then please change the “allow” lines at the end of the file to start at 0 instead of 1024. Only do the change if needed.

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