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WordPress (beta)

WordPress website content management system (or CMS). This app simplifies the installation and setup of WordPress websites inside the Web Server app.

This app is not professionally supported by ClearCenter.
For support, please contact the app maintainer (Xtreem Solution) or use the ClearOS Community Forums.


If you did not select this module to be included during the installation process, you must first install the module.

You can find this feature in the menu system at the following location:



Install Dependancies

There are two apps that must be installed and initialized before you are able to start using the WordPress app on ClearOS. If you haven't yet installed them, you'll need to do that first in the ClearOS Marketplace.

  • MariaDB Database Server (Server > Database)
  • Web Server (Server > Web)

Download Version(s)

Next you'll need to download a version of WordPress so a new project can be created. You can download and use multiple versions with different projects. We recommend using the latest version.

Create a New Project

Click on 'Add Project' and fill out the form.

'Folder Name': Desired name of the project, such as 'Blog'.
'Use Existing Database': Select 'Yes' or 'No'.
If you selected 'Yes', you'll need to enter the name of a current database found in the MariaDB Database Server.
If you selected 'No', you'll need to enter the desired name of the database (one that doesn't match the name of a current database).
'Database User Name': Enter the desired username of the database admin. 'Database Password': Enter the desired username of the database admin. 'MySQL Root Username': Enter the root username of the MariaDB Database Server, which will most likely be 'root'.
'MySQL Root Username': Enter the root password of the MariaDB Database Server. This must match the password established when the MariaDB Database Server was initialized. You can change it at any time in the app settings on ClearOS (Server > Database > MariaDB Database Server).
'WordPress version': Select the desired WordPress version. At least one must be downloaded first.

My Projects

To access your project in view only mode, click on 'Access'.
To access the admin portal for your project, click on 'Access Admin'.

Using WordPress

To learn more about using WordPress, go to

Known Issues

Security Certificates

Security certificates through Let's Encrypt are not yet available.

Updating or Adding Items

Items such as plugins or themes cannot currently be added or updated.

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