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PPTP Server

The PPTP VPN app is a server-side implementation of the PPTP protocol. It is primarily used for client-server VPN tunnels (as opposed to server-server). The main advantages of this protocol are ease of use and low cost as the client-side software is built into all Windows OS, in addition to free clients for Mac and Linux distributions. Along with the advantages, it should be stated that the PPTP protocol is the weakest in security of all the main VPN protocols (IPSec, OpenVPN, L2P). The protocol splits traffic into control and data streams, and passes all control packets across the network without any encryption. The result is that PPTP is vulnerable to attack or hijacking and known breeches in security using this protocol have been demonstrated.

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Version 6

Documentation for ClearOS 6 can be found here.

Version 7

Documentation for ClearOS 7 can be found here.

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