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Google Compute Engine

To add a GCE cloud to ClearGLASS you will need the project name ID plus a JSON key file. You can get both items from your Google account:

Make sure that the API is enabled, otherwise on the main dashboard of the API manager select ENABLE API.


First, you will need to select the correct project. The project name in our case is “API Project”, we take a note of it's id “api-project-1023838283680”, this is the project id we will provide on ClearGLASS.


Next, click on API Manager on the left sidebar and then Credentials.


Select Credentials, then Create credentials, and choose Service account key'.


Select Compute Engine Default Service Account (or give it another name if you want to distinguish the key).


Select the default option ( JSON) and then Create.


The key is now created! Save the file.

Now use the ClearGLASS add cloud wizard to add the Project ID and JSON key file.


Click Add.


ClearGLASS will automatically pull in all your VMs so you can see them alongside your other clouds.

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