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Base System - clearos-release

Before getting started, fire up a test CentOS system with the bare minimum installed. If you are installing from CD/ISO, *none* of the package groups should be selected. The install should be barebones. Once you have a command prompt ready, read on.


The clearos-release package is the functional equivalent of the centos-release and redhat-release packages. Along with some other minor bits and pieces, the package provides:

  • The /etc/issue and /etc/release files
  • The yum repository information defined in /etc/yum.repos.d/base.repo
  • Security keys for verifying digitally signed software packages

If you ever wanted to perform a ClearOS install straight from a live CentOS system, this is the package that you need to bootstrap the process. This is not recommended (really, it's not), but going through the process might be worthwhile for those who like to tinker.

First, find the most recent version of clearos-release on the download mirrors. You can then copy and paste the URL of the release RPM into the rpm command, e.g.

rpm -Uvh

File Manifest

You can view what files have been installed using the rpm -ql clearos-release command - the output will look similar to the following:

# rpm -ql clearos-release

Next Step

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