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Central Management App-Marketplace

Now that you have the ClearOS framework installed, you can install Marketplace. You can install other apps (for example app-date), but installing Marketplace will let you install the rest of your apps via the web-based administration tool.


When you install Marketplace, you will see other required apps installed as well:

yum install app-marketplace

The output should look something like the following:

app-marketplace                    noarch              1:1.0.2-1.v6
Installing for dependencies:
app-clearcenter                    noarch              1:1.0.2-1.v6
app-clearcenter-core               noarch              1:1.0.2-1.v6
app-language-core                  noarch              1:1.0.2-1.v6
app-marketplace-core               noarch              1:1.0.2-1.v6
app-network                        noarch              1:1.0.2-1.v6
app-network-core                   noarch              1:1.0.2-1.v6
app-registration                   noarch              1:1.0.2-1.v6
app-registration-core              noarch              1:1.0.2-1.v6
app-suva-core                      noarch              1:1.0.2-1.v6
suva-client                        x86_64              3.1-6.v6    

Next, it is a good idea to restart webconfig to make sure the underlying PHP modules are active. On a normal ClearOS install, this is already done of course, but we're doing things manually here:

service webconfig restart

Accessing the Web-based Administration Tool

At this point, you should be able to point your web browser to https://your.ip.address:81 and see the web-based installation wizard.

That's it… we're done. Going through this process, we hope you can see that ClearOS is similar to CentOS and RHEL, but with nicely integrated web-based interface.

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