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ClearOS Architecture

The following documents provide technical details on the underlying ClearOS architecture. In other words, these topics cut across many parts of the operating system: from the core packages of the operating system all the way to the software developer framework. Each section is independent of other sections, so feel free to read only the parts that are of interest to you.

What is ClearOS?

In one sentence, ClearOS is a Linux-based server platform that is managed through a web-based administration tool. Though you can deploy many of the features found in ClearOS using a general purpose server like Ubuntu Server, this latter process requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise. Intelligently integrating all the pieces together can seem simple at first blush. Rest assured, first impressions are not always right!


Anatomy of an App

Core System

If you want to know how to build a ClearOS system from scratch, this is the place to start:

Directory Services

The ClearOS directory system provides a well integrated identity management system for small and distributed organizations. Currently, an OpenLDAP implementation is available. Samba Directory (Samba 4) and Active Directory support will be added in future releases.

Centralized User Data

Your mail data is store over in /var/spool/imap, your files are in /var/flexshare and your private network folder lives in /home. What a mess! The centralized user data model in ClearOS has the solution:

Central Management

Deploying 20 ClearOS systems for an organization? The Central Management tool can help:

Mail Architecture

There a lot of apps and services involved in the mail system. Along with SMTP and POP/IMAP, mail also involves antivirus, antispam, quarantine, archiving, greylisting, calendaring, and more.

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