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Tutorials Performing a Webconfig Restart on Install

In some circumstances, it may be necessary to restart webconfig after installing an app, notably for:

  • Loading PHP modules (e.g. webconfig-php-mysql)
  • Adding aliases

Since the installation process is started via webconfig's Marketplace, the act of restarting webconfig will stop the install process. Chicken, meet egg!

Solution: Asynchronous Restart

In order to get around the webconfig restart issue, a ClearOS event (using clearsync) monitors two directories for changes:

  • /usr/clearos/sandbox/etc/php.d
  • /usr/clearos/sandbox/etc/httpd/conf.d

For example, when the MySQL module for PHP (webconfig-php-mysql) is installed, the /usr/clearos/sandbox/etc/php.d/mysql.ini is added. The ClearOS event detects the change and then waits for the install to complete before it restarts webconfig.

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