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ClearOS Theming

The following documentation provides technical information for ClearOS theme developers. If you are developing a ClearOS App and want to know about the widget sets, then you should start here instead.

In the age of smart phones and tablets, the ClearOS theming system needed to have the flexibility to handle all the different screen resolutions and workflows. It takes more than just CSS and images changes to develop a mobile theme, it takes a different approach.

Directory Structure

Before getting started with a theming, please review the basic file system layout:

Page Structure

At a fundamental level, a ClearOS theme is a series of callback functions that define page layout, widgets and HTML structure. The core directory is where all the logic for the theme takes place. The following table outlines each of the required theme files.

doctype.phpDocument Type
meta.phpMeta Tags
head.phpHead Section
page.phpPage Layout

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