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Getting Started with Localization

This document provides a step-by-step walkthrough for translating ClearOS. By the end of this document, you will be able to translate using the online Translation System and see the results in your local ClearOS installation!

Prepare Your ClearOS Environment

Request an Account

Before you can get started with the Translation System, please request an account by going through the first three steps described in the Getting Started document.

Install the ClearOS Developer App

Once your translator account is active, you can go ahead and install the Developer Tools app on your ClearOS system, run:

yum install app-devel

Once installed, you can find the Developer Tools under System|Developer|Developer Tools in the menu.

Configure the ClearOS Developer App

ClearOS Translation tool To enable translator mode in ClearOS, click on in the Translations widget. Select your language, enable Translation Mode, and enable Synchronize Updates if you would like to synchronize (rsync) the translations to your ClearOS system every hour or so. Even though the tool (rsync) is smart about synchronizing just the changes, the synchronization will automatically expire after 12 hours.

It may take a up to an hour for an update, so please be patient! The translations from the Pootle server are synchronized to /var/clearos/base/translations. Anything in this directory will override the installed translations when Translation Mode is enabled.

Getting Started on the Translation Server - Pootle

Now you can get started with doing some translating! Here's a good place to start.


First, login to the server. Please contact for more information.

Base Categories

To make it easier to navigate, the first file that you will want to translate is base_lang.php. Among other things, this file contains all the categories and subcategories that you see in the menu system (Server, Gateway, Network, etc). Look for translation tags that start with base_category and base_subcategory.

If you have synchronization enabled, you should see changes that you have made on the translation server appear on your ClearOS system every hour.

Base System

The final part of the base app also happens to be one of the biggest to translate: there are approximately 500 generic words in the base. A lot of those standard buttons (e.g. Add, Edit, Delete) and widgets will start to look normal in webconfig after going through this translation set.

The Rest

After tackling the base translations, it's a matter of going through all the other apps.

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