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Wireless Access Point Detected

Security Metrics may claim that an access point was detected. We have seen this claim even when the network under analysis had zero Wireless infrastructure. Perhaps this is because wireless access points are ubiquitous but we see no way in which they can rightly claim or test for this situation.

If you are using a wireless access point on your network, ClearCenter recommends using only using WPA2 AES or better encryption and methods. Unless ClearOS is your Wireless access point, you shouldn't have to worry about addressing your wireless access point issues with ClearCenter's support team.

If ClearOS is your wireless access point, the default method provided is WPA2 AES. Any other setting than this should be restored to the previous/default method.

ClearCenter response

If ClearOS is your Wireless access point and using WPA2 AES:

  • This server uses WPA2 only methods for Wireless connectivity.

If ClearOS is NOT your Wireless access point:

  • This server is not a wireless access point.
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