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ClearVM 2.0 Availability

Welcome to the soft release of ClearVM 2.0. Feel free to log in and to try our latest release (May 18, 2018).

ClearVM consists of a Client side worker and a cloud portal for management. We've been working hard to improve the functionality of ClearVM and are happy for its release. To begin using ClearVM, log into the web portal at:

You will need a ClearSDN account to log in. To create your free ClearSDN account, please visit:

2.0 Features

The following features are showcased for ClearVM 2.0:

  • Transition to long-term support OS backend (CentOS, ClearOS, RHEL).
  • Enhanced Network support
  • UEFI support
  • Non-keyed Worker support
  • Integration of authentication with the ClearCenter Service Delivery Network.
  • General UI improvements

By default, ClearVM by itself will run itself on CentOS version 7.x. The transition of ClearVM to CentOS gives it an end of life for updates and fixes for the client side OS until June of 2024!!!

In addition, we've added more support for multiple network interfaces through bridging instead of VLANs. This means that you can use multiple NICs and use ClearVM to better support virtual routers and gateways.

UEFI support means that ClearVM will run natively with modern hardware and will be future proofed for devices that will soon abandon Legacy BIOS support.

In addition to pre-federation of your USB key to your account, ClearVM can be installed now using a generic key that is NOT tied to a specific user. This generic key does not replace the pre-federated key but rather is a useful mechanism for system integrators and others that wish to share ClearVM in a manner that allows for creation of the ClearVM account after distribution of the image.

Caveats and Limitations

Because of the changes to both the authentication model and to the underlying OS at the client side, upgrades from 1.0 to 2.0 are not supported. Certain feature available in ClearVM 1.x are not available yet in ClearVM 2.0. We expect these features to come online soon.

  • NFS Support: The scope of the project calls for this feature to be made as a cross compatible module between ClearVM and ClearOS. Please contact ClearCenter if you require this feature.
  • VLAN Support: The transition to bridges makes VLANs less critical since it you can leverage multiple NICs and can use VLANs via the OS to tag the interface. Simply assign interfaces destined for VLANs on a bridged NIC that is configured to be tagged by the switch connection. This will simply configuration for a variety of environments where VLANs are not available.
  • Snapshots: Snapshots are currently disabled in the UI pending further development and testing. To perform snapshots manually, please use libvirt methods.
  • Migrate: Migrations are currently disabled in the UI pending further development and testing.
  • Backup: Backups are currently disabled in the UI pending further development and testing.
  • Download: Downloading your VM from the UI is currently disabled pending further development and testing.
  • Failover: Failover is currently disabled in the UI pending further development and testing.

Future Enhancements

ClearCenter has an ambitious roadmap in regards to on-premise virtualization and management through ClearVM and ClearGLASS. We realize that while the 'cloud' is phenomenal for certain tasks, concerns remain over privacy and security.


For a limited time, engineers will be offering free support for ClearVM related issues even for free users. Please log into your ClearSDN portal in order to create a ClearCARE ticket regarding any issues related to ClearVM.

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