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How to upgrade ClearOS 7 Community Edition to Business Edition

As ClearOS 7 Community is designed for Linux Experts who are familiar with lifting up the hood and participating in new code testing, beta release testing, and may be required to troubleshoot issues on their own, production environments are strongly recommended to use ClearOS 7 Business Edition. This edition provides quality tested updates, performance optimization, cheaper prices on commercial add-ons (usually bundled with Business licenses), as well as being fully-supported through ClearCARE.

During the first 30 days of a ClearOS 7 Community installation, standard community / testing repos are disabled in order to provide a small window for upgrading to Business Edition without negative recourse from untested code being dynamically installed.

Simply follow the 3 steps below to upgrade today:

Step 1

* Purchase a ClearOS 7 Business Subscription License.

Step 2

* Submit a ClearCARE Support Ticket.

Step 3

* Log into the Webconfig (your server) and register your system. Additional information for how to register your server can be found here.

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