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Making a Recovery Partition in ClearOS

This guide will help you create a custom recovery partition for rapid recovery of ClearOS. This can be used to recover ClearOS and using this method, you can use this to reinstall ClearOS at a future date or to just automate the install process. Included in this guide is a template for the kickstart process that will give you the ability to automate your install process.

Deciding How You Will Perform This

There are a few steps that you will need. The basic layout is this:

  • Booting to an OS that will allow you to manipulate the disk
  • Formatting the correct target disk or partition
  • Laying down the OS and install assets
  • Making the target bootable
  • Booting into the recovery partition (optional, UEFI only)

Manipulate the Disk

Formatting Disk or Partition

Install OS and Assets

Making the Target Bootable

Booting the Recovery Mode

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