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Capacity Planning and Performance Tuning

This guide covers capacity planning, performance tuning, and performance reporting for Zarafa. You should use this guide before deploying Zarafa to ensure that the speed and efficiency of the system means your goals. You should also consult with this document and run regular analysis of your Zarafa environment to ensure that it is operating at its fullest ability. This guide also offers suggestions in order to make adjustments to performance.

This document in under construction, come back later.

Understanding Zarafa's needs

Zarafa has 4 primary components that need to operate at their utmost efficiency in order to obtain the greatest performance capable:

  • Attachments
  • Database
  • Directory
  • Web Services


Of all the things that have the least impact on performance, it is the attachments directory. Zarafa uses this directory to write the attachments that emails and other objects have associated to them and then it is read anytime the object is required. This means that performance impacts are felt at the writing of the object (during and email send or when the email is received into the information store,) but not when the user checks his email or when the object leaves the information store. This means that a situation where you are using NFS, RAID 5 or RAID 6 will have less noticeable impacts than any other aspect of the system. To be clear, none of the other components of Zarafa should be located on anything resembling 'slow' disk.

To move your Zarafa attachments structure to a different 'disk', please use the Bindmount Guide to move and relocate any current data to another location.

You will need to completely stop the Zarafa Server, move the data, bind mount the location, and validate the original location before starting again the Zarafa Server.

The location of the attachments directory is:



Zarafa needs to look up information directly against the directory services in order to perform lookups for things like 'where to deliver email', 'who is in this distribution list', and 'what addresses exist in my address book.' In order for the performance to work well, Zarafa needs to have quick access to the directory server.

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