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Upgrading Zarafa 7.0.x to 7.1.x

By default, ClearOS 6 uses the Zarafa 7.0.x version. This guide provides information on how to upgrade your Zarafa Small Business or Zarafa Professional version to 7.1.x.

Make no mistake, the Zarafa 7.1.x release is a major upgrade to 7.0.x. Though we have not had any reports of issues from performing the upgrade, the usual caution is recommended. If you do not require any of the new features in 7.1.x, please consider running the default 7.0.x version.

Preparation - Subscription Keys

Zarafa requires a change in the subscription key on new major releases. Before proceeding with the upgrade, please submit a ClearCenter support ticket to request a new key – no additional charges are required! With the new key in hand, go to the Zarafa app in the ClearOS web-based administration tool and add your new subscription key to the license manager.

If you just want to test the Zarafa upgrade in a virtual environment, a subscription key is not necessary. However, the Zarafa Small Business / Professional features will not be enabled in this case.

Upgrade Procedure

Before upgrading Zarafa, please make sure you have the latest ClearOS software updates available:

 yum upgrade

You can then perform the Zarafa Small Business / Professional 7.1.x upgrade with the following command:

yum-config-manager --enable zarafa-71
yum upgrade

The Zarafa software handles most the 7.0.x to 7.1.x upgrade procedure. However, the upgrade script below should be run to update changed configuration options in Zarafa 7.1.x. You can find more information on the Zarafa 7.1 changes in the Release Notes

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