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Jio Rockers

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Jio Rockers is a well-known pirate website that offers its visitors a large choice of Tamil and Telugu movies to watch online for free. The vast choice of new and old movies on the website has made it possible for consumers to download material quickly and conveniently.

Customer service at JioRockers Tamil is dedicated to providing consumers with HD and high-quality copies of newly-launched films as rapidly as possible. Print quality ranges from 360p to 720p. When Telugu movies are released, this website is well-known for offering them to users the same morning of the release of the flicks.

Jio Rockers Telugu online has been in operation since the website’s launch in 2017. Apart from Telugu movies, Jio Rockers has been illegally leaking films in a variety of languages, including Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, and English movies dubbed in Hindi. It is also one of the first pirate sites to provide Marathi movies, which was a first for the industry. The Jio Rockers Tamil and its many sites not only allow netizens to download movies but also enable them to view and pick from a list of the current movies that are sorted according to the date of release.


Happy Job Hunting Overseas With CV Translation Services

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2e1ax Cleartheme Frontpage Cv Translation

Curriculum Vitae or CV in it abbreviated form is a document that summarizes the skills and experience of a person. In Latin, it means ‘course of life.' It is used by job seekers to list their degrees, academic accomplishments, awards, research, presentations, publications and other achievements. The format can be condensed into one or two pages. The objects are arranged in chronological order according to the functions. The complexity of the CV depends on the exposure of the person and the industry in which they seek employment.

With the job market expanding across the borders, CV Translation has been part of the job industry. Both job seekers and recruiters are looking for the services of translators to understand the portfolio. So next time, while considering a job abroad do not stop with learning about their culture, heritage, food and laws. To successfully land in a job it is crucial to have a killer CV that too in their native language.

There are professional CV translation services that offer a perfect translation of your CV in languages like Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, English and hundred other languages.

Benefits of CV translation

  • Competition is rife and professional CV translation services can help with the right terminologies to open the door to a new career opportunity.
  • Customized CVs are created targeting the potential employers and tailored to suit the chosen market. There may be a cultural gap between two regions that a translation service can help bridge.
  • Create the right impression at the first given opportunity. Accompany your CV with a winning covering letter in the language of the employers. You can attract the attention of the employer with a personalized letter.

Services offered by professional CV translation solutions provider

A reliable CV translator offers first rated translation in the language of your choice. The translators are natives of the region and will be able to connect culturally. Therefore your CV is sure to get the nativity it requires to grab the focus of the potential employer. The translators are qualified and have knowledge of the academic terminologies, and hence they can get every term right.

Quality not compromised

The professional CV prepared by the CV translators is top notch and is beyond errors. To get the CV translated there is no need to break the bank. First rated CV translation services are offered at affordable price. Since the CV is just two pages, the pricing will definitely meet your budget expectations.

CV translators are well qualified and equipped to complete the task within the stipulated deadline. The whole process can be done online without you having to visit their office physically. Seek a quote and a sample, after shortlisting a few services, zero on the right translator services to get your CV translated. Never go by the price, check for quality. Some service providers offer lightning fast delivery within 24 hours. Make use of them if you are in a hurry. The charges are extra for lightning service. Get a short and sweet CV ready within hours.


Situations Demanding Affidavit Translation Services

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Legal is one industry that demands translation services more often than any other industry. Legal translation has always been very important and requires special care while performing the translation. The nature of this industry demands a great level of precision along with experienced experts for translating legal documents.

Legal translations are not limited to courtrooms alone but also needed by businesses, companies & others as well. There are thousands of legal documents that often require translations. But there are situations where you will be asked to submit affidavits along with legal documents.

There can also be situations where you will need to get these affidavits translated along with your legal documents. We will be covering such situations later in this article. But one thing that you need to know at this point is to understand the importance of the affidavit translation.

An affidavit is a written statement that is proving the correctness of your legal document and making it a fact. The translation of it needs to be done with extreme care. Any fault or issue with the translation of the affidavit can lead to serious problems.

There are multiple online affidavit translation services available at affordable rates. But, you need to know that what services are offering certified affidavit translation and are also keeping up with the data security requirements.

What are Certified Affidavit Translation Services?

Now, another question that must be popping up in your mind is what does certified affidavit translation mean?

A certified translation is when a certified translator performs the translation and offers a certificate along with the translated file. This certificate acts as proof that the content in the translated file is complete and accurate.

When a company is offering a certificate along with a translated affidavit and a certified translator has performed this translation, then it is a certified affidavit translation service. Such certified affidavit translations are majorly needed by legal firms or the legal industry but are not limited to them alone. This is required by people immigrating from one country to another, various businesses dealing at national or international levels and others.

Certified affidavit translation services are the need of the hour as the legal procedures in the country are stricter than ever before. It is highly important for the government officials to make sure that the documents presented to them are accurate and true.b2ap3_thumbnail_affidavit.jpg

When Affidavit Document Translation Services are Needed?

After understanding the entire story behind affidavit translation, it’s time to learn about the situations where affidavit document translation services are needed.

  • The affidavits are asked by the government officials when a person immigrates to the US along with other documents that verify the identity of the person. Such a procedure is a time taking one and requires a lot of documents that needs to be certified and translated along with affidavits. Since affidavits are needed for translated documents, they are also required to be translated.
  • Another situation where affidavit translation is required is while you are updating your government records. These can be conditions like updating your permanent address. An affidavit is needed for verifying documents. The translated affidavit is required when you are an outsider living in the country or recently shifted here.
  • For documents like marriage certificates, divorce certificates, birth certificates, death certificates & others, affidavits are needed too. Whenever these documents are submitted for any official purpose from the people who don’t originally have them in the English language, the translation of these certificates or documents is required. Whenever this happens, the affidavit also needs to be translated along with documents for being submitted officially.

The importance of having an accurately translated affidavit is super high and you can’t trust any online affidavit translation services just like that as you are putting your documents at risk. Get in touch with a reliable translation service provider for best results.


Spanish Captioning services

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Spanish closed Captioning services provide captioning to movies, tv shows, YouTube videos, and other videos. Closed captions can be very useful for people having difficulties in hearing. Closed captions are the ones that appear on the bottom of the video screen. Closed captions have all the details appearing on the video like background noises, dialogues, and other special effects. Closed captions and subtitles look similar to each other. Closed captions are designed in a way to help people having hearing difficulties or deaf. Closed captions are being used in advertisements, films, tv shows, and other videos. Closed captions should appear at the right time when the dialogues or other background noises are heard. It should be readable. So the speeds of the captions are very important.  

What are the benefits of captions?

Video captions are nothing but the same language dialogues spoken in the video appear on the bottom of the screen. Adding captions to videos improves the video and it offers the extra option to users. Captions can be turned on and off as and when required by the viewers. Captions are useful for all whether it be in the workplace or schools. Captions are found important and useful by students as captions appear when the audio appears and it helps them to quickly register the topics and hints. With Closed Captions it allows viewers to mute the audio and still enjoy the videos. With this option, we can watch videos anywhere be it crowded stadiums or libraries. Search engines will not be able to find what is in your videos, whereas adding captions will allow search engines to find what's in your content and as a result, it will improve the ranking of your website. By adding captions to your videos it can also help translate in other foreign languages for reaching much bigger audiences.

Spanish closed Captioning services

People get confused with both Subtitles and closed captions. Both Subtitles and captions are different but similar to each other and serve different purposes. Both subtitles and captions appear on the bottom of the video screen. First, let's see about subtitles, Subtitles are designed in a way to help the viewers who don't know the language. For example, a person wants to watch a Spanish movie but doesn't know the language and hence will find it difficult to understand the meaning. When the same Spanish movie has subtitles in it then the user will have the option to turn it on and enjoy the movie without any difficulties. Movies, TV shows, and videos now come with different subtitle options and viewers can choose their preferred language. Subtitles will have only the text of the dialogues spoken and nothing else. Next moving on to captions, it displays all the sounds, dialogues in the videos. Captions display the dialogues in the same language in whichever language the movie is in. For example, again let us take the same Spanish movie, in the dialogues will be in Spanish and the text appearing on the bottom will also appear in Spanish. 

Spanish Captioning services

Vanan Captioning provides captioning services in Spanish and for more languages. Vanan captioning provides the same language captioning as well as other language captioning like Spanish to English Captioning services or English to Spanish Captioning services. For captioning your videos you can submit your files online and get a free quote from them and also samples. At Vanan Captions, clients are offered different options when choosing Spanish captions. When we take a project we make sure that the end quality is top-notch with high accuracy.


The Industries that require Written translation

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2e1ax Cleartheme Frontpage Written Translation

Translation is vital for individuals since they generally incline toward their local language to talk just as to peruse. As translation empowers successful correspondence between individuals all throughout the planet. It additionally goes about as a dispatch for the transmission of information and social legacy universally.

The universe of translation is immense and changed one with eight distinct sorts, methods and different hypotheses that may include:

1.            Technical translation

2.            Scientific translation

3.            Financial translation

4.            Legal translation

5.            Judicial translation

6.            Juridical translation

7.            Certified translation

8.            Literary translation

Translations should be possible from recorded sound records, video documents or even written documents. Nonetheless, prior to interpreting the source, for example, sound or video record, it is first translated into a book design. This content document is then converted into an objective language for clear arrangement.

Once in a while, documents that accessible in a written configuration is then converted into an objective language is called written translation. Delivering a written document translation services which normally passes on the exact message of the first document. There are fields which for the most part requires written translation and those are:

Specialized documentation - It is something very similar to scholarly translation administration, here a specialized document contains specialized terms, it is then converted into the understudy's local language.

Lawful translation - There are authoritative documents like affirmation, legitimate agreements, articulation of guard and so on are accessible in a written organization is then meant an objective language for different reasons.

Clinical translations - Medical documents, for example, release rundown, clinical trial, mental status assessment, usable report and so on are meant an alternate language. On the off chance that the individual chose to counsel a specialist from unfamiliar country.

Licenses - It alludes to the legitimate or authoritative procedures which incorporates fundamental authority shapes and related correspondence. This sort of written translation is intricate and requires a particular way of composing.

Sites - Website translation is a sort of written translation which goes under restriction, as it requires a specific affectability to intercultural issues.

Organization profiles and promoting material - Here to extend the organization internationally, the organization profiles and its showcasing materials are deciphered in a style fitting to the intended interest group.

Legally approved documents and migration documents - Here for movement purposes, the documents, for example, birth endorsements, marriage authentications, separate from testaments and so forth are made an interpretation of as indicated by USCIS. In the event that authorization is required, the interpreter likewise gives a legally approved endorsement.

Books - The in particular, books require written translation. As books consistently accessible in written arrangement and individuals pick translation administration since they like to peruse books in their own local language.

For the most part understudies lean toward written translation services for passing on their scholastic terms plainly. From this, it is perceived that each industry requires written translation for different prerequisites.

On the off chance that you are looking for written translation services, pick a professional online written translation services for your documents to be done accurately. As per the objective language, experience of the interpreter and turnaround time written translation rates are determined.


Must-Have Magento Custom Solutions For Every eCommerce merchants

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Magento is a unique and out-of-the-box eCommerce platform. With the help of Magento, merchants can easily create unique and efficient eCommerce stores for their business to achieve higher profits and sales. Further, Magento also enables users to create custom solutions for catering to their individual needs as well. This makes the platform an amazing choice for merchants looking for having a customized solution in their eCommerce business. For creating suitable custom solutions merchants can hire Magento 2 developer for their eCommerce business. And with the assistance of the right developers merchants can easily make their business thrive to its full potential. 

However, only hiring assistance from a Magento development company is not enough for merchants to create an efficient Magento store. For this, it is extremely crucial for merchants to get in tune with their business needs as well. Since this can easily help merchants in finding proper solutions for their business without any hassles. However, a number of merchants tend to stick to the premade solutions available for Magento stores. This can become a huge roadblock in the development and expansion of eCommerce stores. With this article today we will take an in-depth look into the list of must-have custom solutions for eCommerce businesses. But before that let us dive into the benefits of using customized solutions for Magento merchants.

Benefits of Using Customized Solution for Magento Merchants

Magento merchants can provide users a number of amazing premade themes and extensions for functionality improvisation of their eCommerce store. However, when it comes to catering to business-specific requirements adapting to the customized solution can aid a merchant in dramatically improving their business without any hassle. Further, it is easier for merchants to update the functionality of their customized solutions according to the evolving needs of their business. 

Must have Custom Solutions for eCommerce Merchants to thrive online

From the discussion above we can easily conclude that with the help of custom solution development merchants can operate their business very smoothly and achieve higher profits and sales from their business. However, this can be an overwhelming process for merchants who are just stepping into the world of eCommerce. Hence, it is crucial for them to look for information and patiently choose the right solution for their business as well. Below is a list of must-have custom solutions for Magento merchants to thrive online:

Customized UI

Storefront plays a crucial role for eCommerce stores. With the help of an efficient and easy to navigate UI merchants can easily create an amazing first impression on their visitors. Although Magento comes with a number of Pre-made themes they aren’t enough for merchants to achieve an impressive UI. For this merchants must customize their theme for implementing easy navigation, accessibility, and consistent brand image.

AI-generated Product Recommendations

AI has transformed every sector and it has also empowered eCommerce merchants in providing an easier shopping experience. With the help of AI-generated product recommendation merchants can showcase a wide variety of products according to their user’s interest

Magento PWA Studio

Progressive web apps play a crucial role in making a store accessible to mobile device users. With the help of Magento PWA studio merchants can provide an app-like navigation experience. For this, merchants can also use Vue.js as well. 

From the discussion above we can easily conclude that Magento custom solutions can aid merchants in making their business thrive. So adapt to the Magento custom solutions today for higher profits and sales



Jio Rockers

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Jio Rockers is a well-known pirate website that offers its visitors a large choice of Tamil and Telugu movies to watch online for free. The vast choice of new and old movies on the website has made it possible for consumers to download material quickly and conveniently.

Customer service at JioRockers Tamil is dedicated to providing consumers with HD and high-quality copies of newly-launched films as rapidly as possible. Print quality ranges from 360p to 720p. When Telugu movies are released, this website is well-known for offering them to users the same morning of the release of the flicks.

Jio Rockers Telugu online has been in operation since the website’s launch in 2017. Apart from Telugu movies, Jio Rockers has been illegally leaking films in a variety of languages, including Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, and English movies dubbed in Hindi. It is also one of the first pirate sites to provide Marathi movies, which was a first for the industry. The Jio Rockers Tamil and its many sites not only allow netizens to download movies but also enable them to view and pick from a list of the current movies that are sorted according to the date of release.



ClearOS 7.3.0 Community Beta is Released

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GPS is the acronym for the Global Positioning System, an expression that can be translated as a Global Positioning System. This system was created by the Department of Defense of the United States and allowed, through a network of 24 satellites. The main use of GPS was to indicate the position of a body on the surface of the earth with great precision.



2016 - The Year The Penguin Jumped Over The Chasm

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As open source software continues to mature and gets adopted by more and more major corporations, it is becoming clear that both the SMB and Enterprise software game has changed and the innovation adoption curve chasm has been crossed.

Last month Microsoft announced that it is joining the Linux Foundation as a high-paying Platinum member and Microsoft was not alone in 2016 many other major corporations such as Wallmart, Samsung, Uber, Spotify, Apollo, Teradata, adopted open source technologies and open standards in a serious way in addition to those who have been dedicated to open source for some time now such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Red Hat.

Great to seeing folks understand that open source software is a positive-sum game, where the more contributors there are to the common good, the better there is for everyone. This idea is the opposite of a zero-sum game, where if someone benefits or wins, then another person must suffer, or lose and that value is derived from innovation and adding values, not just in creating a software application which continues to get sold over and over without continued innovation, integration and some type of additional service or support element.

PREDICTION: 2017 will start the mark of the Early Majority* and a new type of Information Technology Service Provider will emerge, know as the new Hybrid Service Provider who will leverage more and more open source technologies to drive down their costs and increase the value of their services and support... think based upon pitches that are simple, secure & affordable which leveraging open source software and open standards.

*See chart for details.



ClearOS named #1 Server Distribution

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Linux Voice


ClearOS was recently named by Linux Voice the #1 server distribution for it's variety of server functions. Many have called ClearOS the Swiss Army Knife® of operating systems for the same reason, ClearOS offers 100+ IT functions all easily installable through ClearOS Marketplace. ClearOS is dedicated to delivering a stable, scalable, and affordable solution for the Server, Network, Gateway and many Cloud Integrated technologies. Linux Voice said it best when they said:




Its an honor to be categorized with other great server distros and to be recognized for the many features available on ClearOS. The ClearOS distribution now offers it's version 7, available in Community, Home, and Business editions. This latest release of ClearOS continues to build on the included features with new apps appearing in the ClearOS Marketplace, broadening further it's abilities. 




To read the entire article, check out Linux Voice Issue 18 (page 58-63).


Badlock Bug

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In an effort to keep our users informed, we wanted to notify you of a crucial security bug in Windows and Samba (called Badlock).

As engineers from other upstream sources work to release patches very soon, the ClearOS team staged and waiting to quickly promote these updates throughout our repos so as to provide critical updates as quickly as possible.

More real-time information will take place here in our Community Forums.



Well, that was awkward..

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Some of you may have noticed that over the last 24 hours, the ClearOS website may have appeared offline. . . 

Please allow me to explain why this was the case, so as not to spark any misconceptions on the status of ClearCenter, ClearFoundation or ClearOS (the software distribution). Things are alive and well, and this outage was the result of human error, toggling DNS settings to backup sites for our users. We underwent some major hardware upgrades, and have been releasing many new exciting products, which can be viewed in our new online store here. This outage was a sad portrayal of where simple failover measures left undone, create a lot of noise - and for that you have my apologies!

Many new processes and measures will be taken to ensure we do not have another episode like this one, and we appreciate your patience during this unexpected downtime.



Devin Johnson

ClearCenter COO


New App Released: Attack Detector

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The ClearFoundation & ClearCenter are pleased to announce a great new addition to the ClearOS Marketplace. Introducing: Attack Detector.

The Attack Detector app scans your system for authentication failures across various types of services installed on your system. If the failure threshold is reached, the app will block the attacking system. For example, it is a common tactic for spammers to guess a valid username/password combination for sending unsolicited outbound mail. The Attack Detector detects the failed login attempts and actively blocks the spammer.

Multiple apps in Marketplace will provide rule sets for the Attack Detector app, such as the SSH Server app, FTP Server app and more. This app will function as a standalone app, however it may also be combined with the Intrusion Detection System & Intrusion Prevention System apps to provide maximum protection against attacks. 


ClearOS Attack Detector


For more information click here.


ClearOS 6.7.0 Released

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ClearOS 6.7.0 has been released for both Community and Professional Editions.  Now that ClearOS 7 is available, the ClearOS 6 release series has entered maintenance mode.  Security and bug fixes will continue to be released - you can find detailed changelog information in the ClearOS 6.7.0 Release Notes.




ClearOS 7 Available on Linode

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For those of you who like to run ClearOS in the cloud, we are happy to announce that ClearOS 7 is now available on Linode. You can find more information about the installation procedure in the User Guide.


ClearOS 7, Business Edition. Good times!

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ClearCenter, recently announced the first official release of ClearOS 7, Business Edition. Good times!


ClearOS 7 still features the ClearOS Marketplace, which intelligently integrates both open and closed source technologies, that allows its users to dynamically expand the functionality of the server to include upwards of one hundred Apps and Services. Here is a quick illustration of some of the new Apps and Services: 


ClearOS 7 Edition brings with it many new features, including the following:

New Improvements

ClearOS 7 comes with all the features of ClearOS 6 Professional as well as the following improvements.


Streamlined Theme System

The ClearOS 7 theme is mobile and tablet friendly with a fresh clean look. Dashboard support has also been added to give administrators a bird's eye view of a system.


Updated Antispam Engine

The updated antispam engine includes improved DNS blocklist technology, new distributed & collaborative filtering, an optimized auto-learning system, and native IPv6 support.


Updated IDS and IPS Engines

The updated IDS/IPS engines include improved detection for mail authentication attacks, an updated base rule set, IPv6 support, security hardening, and new SSL weakness detection.


Event and Alert Notifications

The new event and alert system provides built-in intelligence to notify administrators of system issues: disk space issues, unwanted remote logins, and more.



ClearOS is now available in French, Polish and Russian. New translations and languages will be coming in 2016!.


XFS and BTRFS Filesystem Support

The robust and scalable XFS file system is the new default that provides support for large files (8 exabytes!) and millions of files per folder. Alternatively, BTRFS can be used for those needing snapshot support.


Microsoft® Hyper-V™ Compatibility

ClearOS 7 can now be seamlessly deployed in a Microsoft® Hyper-V™ environment and run well as a Microsoft® Hyper-V™ Server 2012 R2 host as a Generation 2 virtual machine.


Updated Antivirus Engine

he updated antivirus engine includes new PDF processing, updated Microsoft Office document support, a lower memory footprint, and additional decoding support for new file extensions.


Improved Virtualization Support

Disk I/O, network throughput and USB support have been optimized in ClearOS 7 for virtualization technologies such as Microsoft® Hyper-V™, KVM™ and ClearVM™.


See more on what's new here


New ClearOS Build System Is Live

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Ready to get building? For most of 2015 key ClearCenter and ClearFoundation team-members have been jointly working hard on the new ClearOS Build System, which is patterned after many elements of the Fedora and Red Hat's Koji build system, with a fun twist. Intelligently allowing both Free and Paid / Open and Closed application developers to confidently work together on one ClearOS Build System. The ClearFoundation will be inviting and allowing external developers to develop on this new ClearOS Build System. Once developers have proven to be trusted, proficient at creating and supporting ClearOS Community Apps, ClearCenter intends to continue to help developers monetize both Free and Paid Apps for ClearOS using both GitHub and BitBucket repositories. 

Below is how the new ClearOS Build System Workflow works:


If you have a desire to learn how to develop, submit or build new ClearOS Marketplace Apps here is a ClearOS Build System - Getting Started Guide on how to get started or feel free to get started by filling-out this ClearOS Community Volunteer Form and reviewing the following helpful links: 

ClearOS Development Environment - Building an RPM - An Overview

ClearOS Development Environment - Building An RPM - The Basics

ClearOS Development Environment - Submitting Paid & Free Apps  


ClearOS 7 Community Edition Release

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NEW ZEALAND - ClearFoundation today announced the official release of ClearOS 7 Community Edition. This marks the latest release of its long standing and industry award winning small business server operating system

ClearOS removes the complexity of deploying and managing server, network and gateway functions. ClearOS features Marketplace, an on board application installation engine that allows it’s users to dynamically expand the functionality of the server to include upwards of one hundred enterprise applications and has about another hundred on the road-map. :) 

 - ClearOS 7 Community Edition debuts many new features including:

 - Samba 4, Directory (a common Microsoft® Active Directory replacement)

 - New Google® Apps Connector

 - Updated Microsoft® Active Directory Connector

 - New DNSthingy App 

 - IPv6 Ready

 - Streamlined Theme System

 - Dynamic Dashboard

 - Updated Antispam and Antivirus Engines

 - Updated IDS and IPS Engines

 - Event and Alert Notification Framework

 - Internationalization

 - XFS and BTRFS Filesystem Support

 - Improved Virtualization Support (including Microsoft® Hyper-V)

With an active community of over 112,000 members, and deployments in over 150 countries (including millions of users), ClearOS continues to lead the market as the #1 small business server. As always, it’s also free, so the world can continue to benefit from its expanding functionality by using the following links:

ClearOS 7 Download:

ClearOS 7 Documentation:

ClearOS 7 Release Discussion: 

ClearOS 7 Community Forums:


Six New ClearOS 7 Master Download Mirrors Are Live

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F8091000de3f026d209837e21bc2e700 M

You asked for it! ClearOS now has new master download mirrors in six new geographies including: Amsterdam, Frankfurt, New Zealand, London, Singapore and of course Utah. If you are considering setting up a public mirror site for ClearOS please email for guidelines to make sure that your mirror is consistent with the other mirror sites and new master mirrors.


ClearOS 7 Beta Update - July 10, 2015

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The following updates have been pushed to the ClearOS 7 Beta in the last couple of weeks:

New Apps

 - Disk Usage

 - Developer Tools

 - MariaDB (MySQL Replacement)

 - Print Server

The last two apps were in the repos for quite some time, but had not yet been audited for ClearOS 7. Both are now up-to-date. In addition:

 - The development environment has been updated so that third party developers can build apps in a native ClearOS 7 platform.

 - The Software Updates app now includes a dashboard widget

Build System

A new build system for ClearOS 7 is just about ready for prime time -- check it out!  More on this topic later.