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ClearOS Development Meetings - Kickoff Event

Posted by on in ClearFoundation

The Development Team is organizing regular online meetings to discuss ClearOS milestones and roadmap topics.   The meetings are open to everyone and are a chance for developers, beta testers, translators, neoentomologists, documentation gurus and anyone interested in ClearOS development to openly discuss the state of the platform.

The first part of all meetings are high level discussions on ClearOS. This is a chance for the non-geeks to participate in important policy decisions. As the meeting progresses, discussion will start to delve deeper into technical topics. You have been warned!

The kick-off meeting is going to held Friday, February 19 2010 @ 12:30 p.m. Eastern.  We'll post an update early next week on how to join the online meeting (we are evaluating Dimdim right now).   You find the proposed agenda here.


ClearFoundation Infrastructure and Developer Tools

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A late happy new year to everyone!

We are making progress on building out the necessary infrastructure to develop ClearOS.   Some of the infrastructure is new, while other parts are migrating over from the old ClarkConnect system.

On January 14 2010,  the Bug Tracker  was added to the web site.  If you suspect that you have found a bug, we really do appreciate it when you take the time and effort to report them.  Without the feedback, it makes it difficult to make future releases better and more bug free!

In the next week or so, the source code repositories will be coming online.  In addition, we have three other pieces of infrastructure under active development:

  • A feature/wishlist system
  • A new translation system that will make life easier for translators
  • A new build system that will pave the way for 64-bit support

We'll post a message when these tools are available.


ClearOS Enterprise 5.1 Release Candidate 2

Posted by on in ClearFoundation

ClearOS Enteprise 5.1 Release Candidate 2 is now available!  This second release candidate has all the features available and is ready for production use.   You won't be able to register the system with ClearCenter quite yet... please stay tuned!  



ClearOS Enterprise 5.1 Release Candidate 1

Posted by on in ClearFoundation

The ClearOS Enterprise 5.1 Release Candidate #1 is here!  Though there are a handful of low impact items to address, the software is stable and ready for the masses.  The highlights since the last beta release include:

  • A new antiphishing engine
  • Improved Windows 7 support
  • Improved menu system
  • Updated bandwidth management engine 

Please review the release notes for more details. 

The registration and ClearSDN services will be activated in the next week so you will have to hold on for a few more days to take advantage of those services.  We are one step closer... stay tuned!

Download ClearOS 5.1 RC1 here.





ClearOS Enterprise 5.1 Beta 2

Posted by on in ClearFoundation

The second beta has arrived!  Along with the usual bug fixes, the two significant changes from beta 1 are:

  • Updated base system to CentOS 5.4 (released just last week).
  • Updated Samba to prepare for improved Windows 7 support.

 You can find more details in the release notes.  Please remember, this is still beta software.


ClearOS 5.1 Beta delay... apologies

Posted by on in ClearFoundation

Short version -- The release of ClearOS 5.1 Beta is going to slip.  We (read: I) apologize for the missed commitment, and will do our best to make sure it does not happen again.  Our hope is to have a beta in your hands in time for the weekend.

Long version -- There's no excuse for the missed deadline, but thought you should know what's going on.   The underlying operating system is ready to go and we're putting the finishing touches on usability and interface design.  Last night, we decided that the menu system was just not workable (and almost unusable on my Ubuntu/Firefox laptop!).  In the next day or two, we'll be replacing the menu system with an interim solution.  It will likely be changed before the 5.1 final release, but at least we'll have something to beta test!

Peter Baldwin