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Must-Have Magento Custom Solutions For Every eCommerce merchants

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Magento is a unique and out-of-the-box eCommerce platform. With the help of Magento, merchants can easily create unique and efficient eCommerce stores for their business to achieve higher profits and sales. Further, Magento also enables users to create custom solutions for catering to their individual needs as well. This makes the platform an amazing choice for merchants looking for having a customized solution in their eCommerce business. For creating suitable custom solutions merchants can hire Magento 2 developer for their eCommerce business. And with the assistance of the right developers merchants can easily make their business thrive to its full potential. 

However, only hiring assistance from a Magento development company is not enough for merchants to create an efficient Magento store. For this, it is extremely crucial for merchants to get in tune with their business needs as well. Since this can easily help merchants in finding proper solutions for their business without any hassles. However, a number of merchants tend to stick to the premade solutions available for Magento stores. This can become a huge roadblock in the development and expansion of eCommerce stores. With this article today we will take an in-depth look into the list of must-have custom solutions for eCommerce businesses. But before that let us dive into the benefits of using customized solutions for Magento merchants.

Benefits of Using Customized Solution for Magento Merchants

Magento merchants can provide users a number of amazing premade themes and extensions for functionality improvisation of their eCommerce store. However, when it comes to catering to business-specific requirements adapting to the customized solution can aid a merchant in dramatically improving their business without any hassle. Further, it is easier for merchants to update the functionality of their customized solutions according to the evolving needs of their business. 

Must have Custom Solutions for eCommerce Merchants to thrive online

From the discussion above we can easily conclude that with the help of custom solution development merchants can operate their business very smoothly and achieve higher profits and sales from their business. However, this can be an overwhelming process for merchants who are just stepping into the world of eCommerce. Hence, it is crucial for them to look for information and patiently choose the right solution for their business as well. Below is a list of must-have custom solutions for Magento merchants to thrive online:

Customized UI

Storefront plays a crucial role for eCommerce stores. With the help of an efficient and easy to navigate UI merchants can easily create an amazing first impression on their visitors. Although Magento comes with a number of Pre-made themes they aren’t enough for merchants to achieve an impressive UI. For this merchants must customize their theme for implementing easy navigation, accessibility, and consistent brand image.

AI-generated Product Recommendations

AI has transformed every sector and it has also empowered eCommerce merchants in providing an easier shopping experience. With the help of AI-generated product recommendation merchants can showcase a wide variety of products according to their user’s interest

Magento PWA Studio

Progressive web apps play a crucial role in making a store accessible to mobile device users. With the help of Magento PWA studio merchants can provide an app-like navigation experience. For this, merchants can also use Vue.js as well. 

From the discussion above we can easily conclude that Magento custom solutions can aid merchants in making their business thrive. So adapt to the Magento custom solutions today for higher profits and sales



ClearOS named #1 Server Distribution

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Linux Voice


ClearOS was recently named by Linux Voice the #1 server distribution for it's variety of server functions. Many have called ClearOS the Swiss Army Knife® of operating systems for the same reason, ClearOS offers 100+ IT functions all easily installable through ClearOS Marketplace. ClearOS is dedicated to delivering a stable, scalable, and affordable solution for the Server, Network, Gateway and many Cloud Integrated technologies. Linux Voice said it best when they said:




Its an honor to be categorized with other great server distros and to be recognized for the many features available on ClearOS. The ClearOS distribution now offers it's version 7, available in Community, Home, and Business editions. This latest release of ClearOS continues to build on the included features with new apps appearing in the ClearOS Marketplace, broadening further it's abilities. 




To read the entire article, check out Linux Voice Issue 18 (page 58-63).


Well, that was awkward..

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Some of you may have noticed that over the last 24 hours, the ClearOS website may have appeared offline. . . 

Please allow me to explain why this was the case, so as not to spark any misconceptions on the status of ClearCenter, ClearFoundation or ClearOS (the software distribution). Things are alive and well, and this outage was the result of human error, toggling DNS settings to backup sites for our users. We underwent some major hardware upgrades, and have been releasing many new exciting products, which can be viewed in our new online store here. This outage was a sad portrayal of where simple failover measures left undone, create a lot of noise - and for that you have my apologies!

Many new processes and measures will be taken to ensure we do not have another episode like this one, and we appreciate your patience during this unexpected downtime.



Devin Johnson

ClearCenter COO