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6.4 Core done. To be included in next beta.

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The build of ClearOS Core 6.4 packages from upstream sources is completed and rolling out to the mirrors. All in all it took about 32 hours from the time the packages showed up to having them fully built. We are busy adding Core to the current ClearOS Community and Professional trees and should have some great new features and hardware support. 6.4 Core is useful for techies and hobbyists but we shall all be able to set our sights on the future release of ClearOS 6.4 Community and ClearOS 6.4 Professional.

Cant wait to get started with ClearOS? Then don't wait. 6.3 will upgrade to 6.4 when the time comes and the licensing is all the same. Stay tuned for more updates on the features of 6.4.

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During the past 20 years, Michael has helped start and grow numerous successful companies in the IT sector. Prior to founding ClearCenter (an IT Delivery Platform) & ClearFoundation (an IT Operating System) he started DirectPointe (an IT services company, now owned by HP & C7). He also helped launch and establish Calculated Research & Technology, way back in 1995 :). Michael is a creator and knows how to produce results by rounding-up great teams and helping them to focus on simple yet measurable, transparent goals. In addition, Michael has successfully acquired & integrated many great IT companies including iTOK, Center7 (Helpdesk & NOC), STI, System Works, S3 & Witsbits.

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