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ClearOS Community 6 Released

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Anime luôn có sức cuốn hút đặc biệt với mọi lứa tuổi bởi những nhân vật ngộ nghĩnh, dễ thương trên màn ảnh. Hãy khám phá trọn bộ những bức ảnh nhân vật anime đẹp nhất và dễ thương nhất của chúng tôi.



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  • Antispam Updates is the same price as in 5.2. Mail Antispam itself is free (just to clarify!).

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  • Great work for the ClearFoundation Teams
    Cant wait for testing the Mail Stack.
    Is the subcription for Mail Antispam still same price like in 5.2 ?

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  • Congratulations for your work.

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  • The mail stack (Zarafa, SMTP, Mail Antispam, Mail Antivirus) will be made available this month. In fact, a public test of about 10 mail stack apps should be available this week. And everything that was a free app in version in 5.2 is still a free app in version 6!

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  • There's no SMTP Server On ClearOS Community 6 ... ? I haven't founded on marketplace too, is not free again like on ClearOS 5.2 ..?

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  • Upgrades from 5.2 are not available at this time. An announcement on this topic will be made in the next few months.

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  • Is there a yum update command I can issue to upgrade from 5.2?

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  • Ok, gotcha! I had always done a yum -y update immediately after completing the install on CoS 5 systems, then finished the wizard.

    CoS 6 is looking great so far.

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  • Sorry about that. That was an ugly hack to get around an annoying yum caching issue. We'll remove it in the next release. For now, going through the install wizard is a *requirement*. Even without the upgrade hack, the wizard is still recommended. There are a bunch of configuration values (e.g. domain) that populate various apps will save configuration/administration time down the road.

    In the install wizard, there's an opportunity to upgrade to Professional. At that point, the proper yum repos were dropped in and the upgrade would continue. For some reason, we couldn't make this reliable - yum would sometimes just ignore the new repo file(?). As a temporary workaround, the Professional repo file is there at install and then removed after registration. Not ideal of course, but it works reliably.

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  • Don't mean to rain on any parades here, but I downloaded the Community edition and installed updates via the command line. I wasn't watching closely enough, my fault, and the updates installed converted the Community Edition to Professional.

    Nice touch. :-(

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