ClearOS Community 6 has arrived!  A lot of time, resources and development have gone into making ClearOS the best next generation small business server and gateway.  The underlying framework was redesigned to make it easy create new and innovative apps.  The new Marketplace now provides a quick way to install both open source and paid apps.  There's also 64-bit support, a shiny new graphical installer, improved usability, better VM support, a modernized build system, and the migration to the latest upstream 6.x version.  Whew.

We stepped back, improved the architecture and software, and are now ready to bring you a slew of new apps in 2012.  Here's what to expect in just the next few weeks:

We would like to thank the entire community for the hard work, feeback and testing.  Once again, ClearOS would not be possible without a vibrant community behind it.  Thank you, and then thank you again!  There's no need to wait, go ahead and install it today:

We would also like mention that ClearOS Professional 6 is now available.  Along with the improved underlying ClearOS platform, the following new paid apps are available in the Professional Edition:

An announcement on the Professional release will be made shortly.