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ClearOS Community 6.2.0 Beta 3 Released

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ClearOS Community 6.2.0 Beta 3 has arrived! Along with the usual round of bug fixes and enhancements, Beta 3 includes the following new apps: Content Filter, Flexshare, Samba, Remote Server Backup, Print Server, Password Policies, and Network Visualizer. New apps in the Professional Edition include: Google Apps Synchronization, Active Directory Connector, and Central Management. This will be the last beta as we head toward a final release. We will soon be able to put those Duke Nukem jabs behind us ;-)

For those of you who missed the recent announcement, ClearOS now comes in two different flavors: Community and Professional. That “Enterprise” name was a holdover from the old days and it has always caused some confusion (we heard you Ladislav).  In retrospect, we should have made all these changes when ClearOS absorbed the old ClarkConnect Edition.  No matter, time to move now that we have better product names.  The Professional Edition includes technical support and is intended for businesses, education, non-profit and other professional organizations. The Community Edition has all the old Enterprise features and is intended for less critical environments: home, Linux shops, and just plain old open source hacking. You can read the gory details on this topic in an earlier blog post.



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  • @Chris Lambert
    The forums are a better place for asking the question. No matter - what language did you select in the installer?

    As a partner, you are providing most of the front line support for ClearOS. That's why the Professional Edition options will be offered at a much lower base price for qualified partners. By performing support, it is *you* who are providing a good chunk of the support value, not ClearCenter. With the version 6 release, your non-technical clients will no longer see the support-free option and muddle the conversation with - "but it's only $80 direct from ClearCenter". Explaining the value of support - as I'm sure you know - is already a tough battle and having the $80 option makes it that much harder.

    We also run into a terrible amount of customer unhappiness when they find that they need support but don't have a partner or a ClearCARE support package. Messages like this one come from users running a free/unsupported version on a very regular basis: "My mail server for 80 users is offline and I need help!" When we reply with our pay-as-you-go per-incident support rates (much higher), many don't bat an eye since the cost of downtime far outweighs just getting it fixed. However, a significant number get quite unhappy about the support rates. For some reason, this set of "customers" (that's in quotes since they often haven't purchased anything from ClearCenter) have a sense of entitlement that I can neither understand nor grasp. I have always blamed different cultural norms for that, but... who knows.

    So, to make a long story short: ClearCenter will not be offering support for the Community Edition. None. We want to get rid of that "80 user" type of customer scenario for good. That scenario is not good for the customer, it's not good for ClearFoundation and it's not good for ClearCenter. When ClearCenter draws a clear line in the sand, this scenario becomes a thing of the past (whew). A customer can get the supported Professional version, or be 100% on their own. Most open source savvy users know what they are getting into, so for most of you reading, it's a moot point.

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  • That is scheduled for version 6.2.1 (read: around June) on the roadmap. The details have not been finalized, so the schedule might change. We will begin prioritizing and scheduling the product roadmap over the next month (the first technical meeting is actually tomorrow!).

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  • hi
    is the new ClearOS going to have (transparent bridge mode) as an option in the GUI... i am not a Linux user, and that is the only thing stopping me from using ClearOS

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  • Your comments regarding support for community version make perfect sense. A smart move!

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  • English...
    I will repost whenI get time in the proper forum
    I hope to see the final soon!

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  • Can we purchase support on Community 6 edition? I.E. will we still be able to subscribe to ClearOS Basic Plus / Standard / ClearCARE on Community systems? I don't frequently require support, but it's nice to have that option available for a fee.

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  • Not sure where this belongs (feel free to move)
    I have tried to test 6.2 - both b2 and b3 without success. I have installed from ISO under VMware. The install seems to work without incident. When I reboot the VM, and then login remotely (or via console). I shouldn't say login I should say attempt to login, as I get the follow error after entering root credentials:
    Ooooops: Translation missing (base_errmsg_password_invalid)

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  • Two options:

    - The Community Edition with Dynamic VPN and Remote Configuration Backup will be available.
    - I think there will also be some kind of coupon code for existing subscribers for the Professional Edition (not 100% sure about that though).

    Keep in mind, the Community Edition is not like "Fedora". Yes, some of the new features will appear in the Community Edition first, but it's not a playground for experimenting with new technologies (like Fedora). We'll keep it stable and up-to-date until version 7 is released (3-ish years away).

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  • So those of us with enterprise subs but not clear care, would this mean we would be able to run which version?

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  • Keep in mind, only the ISOs are on the new mirrors. Yum and Marketplace are still using the old mirrors, but that will change shortly.

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