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ClearOS Core 6.1 Alpha1 released

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ClearFoundation announces the release of ClearOS Core 6.1 Alpha 1. This release is intended for testing and proof of concept for new line of operating systems for servers and workstations. To download the torrent please visit the download section or visit

ClearOS Core is an enterprise Linux distribution for server and desktop environments. It is a free and open source rebuild of a prominent North American Linux distribution. The goal is to provide near binary equivalency and functionality that exists in the upstream distribution, including bugs. Additionally, ClearFoundation strives to release versions, updates and patches in a timely and professional manner (the goal for updates is 48 hours or less). Most of the source code in ClearOS Core is GPL. ClearFoundation reserves all rights on its own service marks, trademarks and graphics not specifically designated as open source.

ClearOS Core is the result of the hard work of many individuals worldwide who have given their time and talent to open source. ClearFoundation is grateful for the dedicated efforts of our upstream sources provider. ClearFoundation is not affiliated, associated or supported by the company which produces the upstream prominent North American Linux distribution or the Fedora™ Project. ClearOS Core is built from publicly available and open source SRPMS and as such it is an alternative and not an exact replacement to the prominent North American Linux distribution.

ClearOS Core is the base for ClearOS Enterprise. It is intended for advanced Linux administrators who want a high level of scalability and control over their Linux environments.


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  • Like thisssss

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  • Since 06.06 ClearOS Core 6.1 Alpha1 has been downloaded from my mirror 2346 times. ClearOS rules! :)

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  • Awesome. Looking forward to testing the beta. In the meantime, I'll just use a virtual machine.

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  • Look for 32 bit in the beta, we will not be releasing a 32 bit alpha1. Sorry for the confusion.

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  • @Dave Loper

    Sorry, I should have been a little bit more specific. I meant 32 bit support. I don't see a 32 bit version of this alpha (only x86_64), which is why I asked.

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  • @caseyellow Currently, we support those with the premium updates service (paid) on the Enterprise version for as long as the upstream vendor does. We have not yet decided on the update support structure for Core. At a minimum it will be 18 months from release, at a maximum it may be throughout its entire life from the upstream vendor. My bet is the later.

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  • By x86 I assume you mean x86_64. ClearOS Enterprise 6.0 will have both 32 and 64 bit support. That being said, 32bit is faster on some applications than 64 bit (depends on a lot of factors) and I would only recommend 64 bit if you actually need to exceed the limits of 32 bit or on any system that could reasonably upgraded to exceed the 32 bit limits.

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  • Is there going to be a x86 version of ClearOS 6.0? ClearOS 5.2 is running happily on my old Pentium 3 computer, but I'd like to upgrade to test out some of the new features :D

    Keep up the good work :D

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  • Thanks for the informative post, Dave.

    I'm curious to know how long you guys plan to support each major release? I believe CentOS was stating at least 3 years from each major release (e.g. CentOS 4.0/5.0). Can you clarify what your plans are?


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  • Jean-Philippe,

    You are correct. ClearOS Core is NOT a replacement for ClearOS Enterprise but rather a building block. Users of Core will be your traditional Linux gurus that need the functionality of the upstream provider, the freeness of CentOS and cadence of timely and quality of ClearFoundation.

    It will be possible to convert a ClearOS Core server to ClearOS Enterprise but we don't forsee the path going the other way. ClearOS Core is like "Plain Chocolate Ice Cream" and ClearOS Enterprise is like "Rocky Road Ice Cream". You can recreate "Rocky Road" from Chocolate but you need time and effort.

    Consider, ClearOS Enterprise is not a good fit if you want to run Linux as your desktop. It is not the focus. But ClearOS Core could be used as a Linux desktop.

    We understand that this may be confusing for some people but for the most part, existing ClearOS Enterprise Enterprise users will not need to use Core but if they dig into elements of Core, they may find some useful technologies that will work in ClearOS Enterprise. For example, we sometimes use non-traditional elements of CentOS on ClearOS Enterprise 5.2 to resolve certain functionality issues. We can do this because ClearOS Enterprise 5.2 is based on CentOS. ClearOS Core extends this functionality by making the packages and repositories more seamless. This is important for community module developers because it adds a repo of packages that are specifically tested against the exact libraries and kernels and not merely 'compatible' ones.

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