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ClearOS Enterprise and ClearOS Core

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ClearFoundation is excited for the latest release of new upstream sources. We are grateful to hardware providers that enable us to rebuild these sources quickly. Since we are already building sources for our expected release of 6.0 we have merged the newly released sources and have already begun rebuilding our 6.0 tree against upstream 6.1 sources. At the time of this writing, we are already nearly complete in our build from sources. This has turned out to be great timing for us as we will soon be able to place these packages into beta for the community for testing.

We are excited to announce that in conjunction to the release of ClearOS Enterprise 6.0 that we will also be releasing a new distribution, ClearOS Core 6.1. This new distribution strives to maintain 100% package compatibility with upstream sources.  100% compatibility means

ClearOS Core will also contain all upstream issues and bugs.  The only changes from upstream sources will be to remove branding as required.

Beginning tomorrow, we will begin our internal QA process to validate the symbols. ClearOS Core 6.1 will be based on these 6.1 upstream sources. ClearOS Enterprise 6.0 will enter beta using the sources we have previously built against upstream 6.0 sources. During the beta we will 'update' to these new sources and hope to have them merged by the completion of the beta cycle. We expect to release code into beta shortly for both products.

ClearOS Core and ClearOS Enterprise are free and open source platforms. ClearCenter continues to provide paid resources such as support, hardware, and services for ClearOS. Volunteer today!

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  • I cant wait to try it and install on my HS22 IBM Blade server.
    Good jobs for people in ClearFoundation

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  • cant wait to try it... :D

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  • This is great dave +1...this one deserves a release party =)

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  • Great news, ready to setup on a development box whenever ready...

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  • looking forward to a beta version of 6 to install on our development box :-)

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  • Thanks for the update Dave! great news, looking forward to testing it out

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  • an easy learning way for more closer to RHEL base... salute..

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  • Very interesting news! In other words COOL the ClearOS core distro.

    Is there already a package list available?

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  • This is a great news... can't wait to see and try.

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