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ClearOS Mobile Starter Kit for Developers

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We are happy to announce a cool new toy for developers - an Android app to get you started with mobile development! Please keep in mind, this is a developer demonstration with open source code to get started.


On your ClearOS system, install the server-side app for the Android app:

yum --enablerepo=clearos-updates-testing install app-mobile-demo

Once installed, you can find the demo under System > Developer > Mobile Demo. From that page you can click on Download & Install to get the app from Google play.

ClearOS Mobile Demo - Android


- After you have added a new system to the application, you may have to wait up to 10 minutes before you start to see data synchronizing. This all depends on how many other sync accounts you have (GMail, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, etc). This is apparently "normal" behavior.

- The app will install on Android 2.1 and up, but older API versions do not support periodic data sync, this has to be done in some manual way. Periodic sync works from API level 8 (2.2.x FROYO) and up.

- The password you use to authenticate with is never stored on the phone. It is used once to obtain a session cookie. These cookies will expire after 2 hours. You will be notified with a sign-in error when the session expired. I will be updating the ClearOS framework to extend sessions time-outs dynamically so this won't be an issue for future real world apps.




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  • I just have installed the app... but when i press start it won't start :(

    WHYY :D

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  • I always have admiration for people who can turn a program (GUI, etc) from just code. I don't how to say this correct I'll hope you understand. Really cool stuff.

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  • Thanks Marcel!

    I only have an Android, so that's why there's no iOS version. This is just a simple example meant to demonstrate a few common tasks such as authenticate against the new ClearOS 6x framework, make API calls, and send/receive JSON encoded data. It's not a very useful app, you're not missing much :p

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  • Cool stuff Darryl. Only i'm waiting for a version for iOS. So if there is a devoper interested...

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  • hawt....

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