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ClearOS Roadmap Update - Version 5.2 and 6.0

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In case you missed it, Red Hat just announced the availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta.  We heard unofficial timelines earlier this year and adjusted the roadmap to reflect the expected Red Hat release dates.  Up until recently, we were not sure if the post ClearOS 5.2 release was going to be 5.3 or 6.0.   It's official -- it will be 6.0.

Just to update you on the expected release dates for ClearOS, a 5. 2 alpha/beta will be available in May/June with a final release available in June/July.  Let me pre-empt the question that many people will ask -- when is 6.0 coming?  The answer is ... drum roll ... when it's ready.  Yes I know...  a cliche. 

Here's why...

ClearOS 6.0 will focus less on features and more on the underlying architecture.   Changing some of the architecture will make it possible to implement shiny new features in 6.x releases.   For example:

- A new web application framework to present modules/features to different audiences (read:  groundwork for a Home Edition)

 - A new build system

- Improved reporting

- Improved and documented module development for 3rd parties

Whereas it is easy to bump a standalone feature off of a release in order to meet a specific ship date, it is nearly impossible to do the same for architecture changes.  For example, the work required to implement wireless support in 6.0 could get bumped to version 6.1 if necessary.   The work for making a change to the framework, well, that needs to be 100% complete before 6.0 ships.

We'll have a better idea of the 6.0 timeline as  things progress and we'll keep you updated!

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  • No beta is available (CentOS 6.0 alphas have not even been released yet!). An update will be posted on the web site before the end of December.

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  • As I understand it, there is supposed to be a place I can download 6.0 but I am having difficulty. Can you point me in the right direction?

    Thank you :-)

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