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ClearFoundation is pleased to announce that the ClearFoundation site and forums has been successfully moved to a joint server farm that also hosts the Koozali SME Server project community content. Additionally, portions of the longstanding RPM build system which has built the current versions of both SME server and ClearOS has been moved together into the shared space provided at ClearCenter’s data center in Orem, Utah. Koozali ( is an distinct Open Source community with a mission to develop and distribute Koozali SME Server.  Both SME Server and ClearOS have a shared synergy and many common Open Source goals and are both based on the same upstream Linux distribution.

The shared server farm and geo-redundant RPM build system was engineered by veteran SME developer Shad Lords.  Shad has been part of the SME Server community and a core SME Developer for over a decade and, in recent years, is a member of the ClearFoundation team

This move and hosting collaboration with Koozali will increase the speed and reliability of the ClearFoundation community content and data while leveraging a friendly Open Source relationship with Koozali.  Both ClearFoundation and Koozali SME Server project data and community content will reside on separate virtual machines managed on the shared server farm each managed by administrators of the respective projects.



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  • Might be better, if the SME project join the ClearOS project. so as to produce the best products. I've tried SME. For features, ClearOS more than SME.

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  • [fanboy mode]Never tried SME Server and i never will.., leaving Clearfoundation feels like betraying you guys. I did know this distro exists before i decided to use ClearOS but yeah my choice was ClearOS![/fanboy mode]

    I'll hope we now have a stable and fast forum!

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