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We haven't being doing a great job at communicating the roadmap for ClearOS, so here's a quick update on what is in store for next three months!  A follow-up blog post will detail some of the medium and long term roadmap goals (more/better reports, IPv6, etc.).

The following apps are in public beta right now -- head on over to the developer forums for details:

- Software RAID Manager
- UPnP
- VLAN support
- Amazon EC2 Support

In addition, a few apps are nearing completion or waiting on the ClearOS 6.5 testing phase (which will begin in August):

- Mail Archive (paid app)
- Administrators
- QoS
- OwnCloud (Tim app)

Under the hood, a new engine for supporting web applications (WordPress, Joomla, SugarCRM, etc.) is also in development.  There's also work with "reports, reports, reports" going on.




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  • This what I like form ClearOS, development is planned and directed, following the present technology. Since we buy your clearbox and that we are in education community, we also develop an opensource software to supporting our needed with ClearOS, and the one is like ownCloud & wordpress to be use in our academy.

    Our hope, that what we have same expectation for what other ClearOS can do/handle in the future.

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  • QoS! Thank you, thank you.

    Very much looking forward to having that done. I hope the final version is as configurable as Tomato's. Ok, almost as configurable might be satisfactory too.

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  • Hi David. The progress meter can be a bit misleading sometimes since there is a steady flow of additions to the "Updates" targets:
    - bug discovered, added to tracker, bug fixed... repeat. The meter barely budges. Reports, reports, reports... we're on it!

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  • I look at the roadmap page and see that 6.5 is progressing, whereas the progress bar for 6.4 hasn't moved for what seem like a long time. Hopefully many of these items are being worked on concurrently and will come together soon. Personally I'm waiting for the Mail Report before I upgrade the production server from 5.2, as I like to have a quick 'overview' of mail flow (hint - I'm not going to renew my subscription for the 6 system until this is launched!). Lots of new developments in the pipeline though, keep up the good work!

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  • Thank you for this update. Looking forward to all this new stuff! Besides the RAID manager Owncloud looks interesting too.

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