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ClearOS Community 6.6.0 Now Available!

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ClearOS Community 6.6.0 Final has arrived! Along with the usual round of bug fixes and enhancements, this release introduces WPAD, QoS, YouTube School ID support, an upgrade to the Intrusion Detection engine, and ISO-to-USB key support.

Downloads (updated March 19):
- 32-bit ISO - MD5Sum: 431f635b580be70213d87f84f51070c9
- 64-bit ISO  - MD5Sum: 45d29b3c57aa1d80179c67585c87e073

You can find more information in the Release Notes.


ClearCenter Marketplace for ClearOS Enterprise

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With the ClearOS Enterprise Alpha (and shortly thereafter, Beta) image nearing release, there are bound to be questions on one of the major features making its debut in the upcoming release - ClearCenter's Marketplace.

Simply put, ClearCenter's Marketplace is an online store featuring apps and services (both free and paid) for ClearOS Enterprise.  For those using or familiar with Android smartphones, there is a good analogy that will help clarify the direction we are taking.  Let's start with the following two premises:

1.  ClearOS is to Server, Network & Gateway what Android OS is to Smartphones.

2.  ClearCenter's new Marketplace is to ClearOS Enterprise (the platform) what Google's Android Marketplace is to Android OS.


ClearCenter Gives To Mercy Corps

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One of our customers is Mercy Corps in Portland, OR.  They are a global relief agency helping those in need around the world.  During a recent conversation, they described their first hand knowledge of the devastation in Haiti.  They are on the ground delivering needed supplies and resources.

Haiti's capital city is said to be "flattened," and officials say the number of dead may top 100,000.

Mercy Corps is deploying a team of relief workers to the island to help meet survivors' most urgent needs -- like shelter, food and clean water. They've responded to dozens of disasters like this in the past, such as earthquakes in Peru in 2007, in Pakistan and China in 2008, and in Padang, Indonesia last year.

ClearCenter began a donation page to Mercy Corps to help with funds for their efforts in Haiti.  Please check out the ClearCenter Gives page for more info -- -- and please consider making a gift on behalf of their campaign.

Thank you!  The ClearCenter Team