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New installer slated for ClearOS 6.0

Posted by on in ClearFoundation

With the upcoming release of ClearOS 6.0 there will be a new graphical installer. This installer will be more flexible than previous versions and will support Linux Volume Manager (LVM) and Kickstart. These additions bring greater robustness, flexibility, and scalability to the ClearOS platform. 

Category selection in Graphical interface

LVM allows administrators to grow and shrink partitions. Additionally, partitions can be dynamically manipulated. 

LVM Administration in ClearOS 6.0 installer

Kickstart allows administrators and system integrators to create custom installs to 'preconfigure' ClearOS with parameters, settings, and even third party applications during the install. An example of this would be an unattended VMWare server install or an installation of packages or modifications of ClearOS settings.

Lastly, as we try to improve localization and translation, we will need some new elements created in various languages. If you have previous translation experience, we need you!