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6.3.0 Beta1 is out!

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Yep...that's right. ClearOS 6.3.0 Beta1 is ready for testing. ClearOS 6.3.0 Beta1 contains new additions to its powerful server, network, and gateway features by adding powerful mail features not contained in ClearOS 6.2.x. ClearOS continues the trend of integrating free modules from ClearFoundation and commercial applications and services from ClearCenter and partners. ClearOS does this by re-introducing open source mail improvements and commercial grade mail services using Zarafa. In addition, wireless support is starting to work its way into this release and a framework for inclusion in the general release is ongoing in development. If you are looking for a powerful and easy to use solution for your small business or distributed enterprise, ClearOS 6.3.0 is your answer.

For more details, please reference the release notes for ClearOS 6.3.0 Beta1. Installers are also on the mirrors so to get started with new ISOs just head to the testing directories and have FUN!



ClearOS Sneak Peek....Exclusive Screenshots

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We thought we'd drop you all an early Christmas gift and release some screenshots of the new ClearOS interface.  We won't say when it will be released....just that it is coming soon! 

The interface has been tested in all major browsers and will be accessible via netbook, laptop, desktop, tablet and even mobile devices (Android/iPhone).

You'll notice that we've changed up the menu items a bit.  This reflects the  complete solution ClearOS brings to SMBs to manage every layer of the LAN environment:

  • Network Layer
  • Gateway Layer
  • Server Layer 

A CLEAR New OS Concept.

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This blog posted courtesy of ClearFoundation Community Member Shane Shields. Originally posted on Toolbox for IT


First of all I guess I should do the obligatory disclosure according to the American FTC which is just a guide but has lawful penalties (how do they figure that one out?) I received this product for free from the Clear Foundation. In return I am going to do a review of their product.

That being said they are giving their product away for free to everyone. In typical Open Source business model it is the service they are charging for. The product? The new release of the beta version of their latest ClearOS(5.1). I found out about this when their marketing manager Aaron contacted me here on ITtoolbox and basically just said check out what we did and tell me what you think.

Well since it was no skin off of my nose to download their ISO image and whack it into a VirtualBox session I did so. While I was trying to download it I hopped over to their website and had a peek and poke around (aah the old basic days, sigh). What I saw intrigued me to say the least. I was expecting just another fork of another Linux distribution. You know the standard Ubuntu, Debian, SUSE, RedHat type of thing. One thing was evident was that these people were definitely thinking out of the box.