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ClearCenter Wins Global Technology Award

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Cloud Computing Award We are proud to announce that ClearCenter won the "Best Hybrid Cloud Solution 2012", at the Up-Start 2012 Cloud Computing Awards, held in San Francisco in Dec 2012. The UP-START Cloud Awards recognize innovative companies that advance cloud computing to business and technology communities around the world. Consistent social media outreach and thousands of votes secured ClearFoundation as finalists, advancing the company to the final round of voting. Participating companies ranged from startups in the Silicon Valley area to industry giants such as IBM, Microsoft, and Salesforce, as well as international companies from Europe, Asia and the Pacific region. Finalists in our Category were Alfresco, Hewlett Packard, Eucalyptus and Virtustream. We would like to thank those from the ClearFoundation Community who supported us by voting during the first phase of the Up-Start Cloud Awards. 

Your votes helped ClearCenter obtain 4th position prior to the 2nd phase of voting, conducted at the Up-Start Conference 2012 only by those in attendance where we ended up obtaining 1st place position for the Best Hybrid Cloud Solution 2012 category. The opportunity to present at the conference helped drive awareness about ClearOS and what ClearCenter is doing for the Hybrid Cloud in relation to the other finalists. 

Special thanks to the ClearFoundation Community members for the continued effort to help drive awareness for ClearOS around the world and for helping ClearCenter to receive such a recognition. 


New Zealand the Field of Dreams for the Software Industry

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New Zealand Flag And KiwiRemember the baseball movie “Field of Dreams” where Kevin Costner hears a voice in his head that tells him “if you build it, they will come”? He then ploughs up a productive cornfield to build a professional baseball field complete with bleachers in the middle of nowhere. Everyone thinks he has lost his marbles and his dream team of baseball players comes out of the corn fields and play on his field. Well, New Zealand (NZ), through its Open Source Software Society, has created the opportunity for the software industry’s ‘Field of Dreams’ for the World’s next generation software industry to exist here in NZ and it is all because it has banned software from being patented. New Zealand’s current position is that its copyright laws are sufficient for software and patent laws do more damage to innovation than encourage it. The issue at hand is that this all might be about to change with an amendment to the law being pushed through parliament at this moment. This would give up a huge advantage and has the potential to adversely affect NZ’s own successful software companies. 

While the NZ Government has mooted a desire to build a knowledge-based economy the business sector is still waiting for the detail of how the Government envisages achieving this. Support to the film industry could be categorized as a part of the knowledge-based economy with what Sir Peter Jackson and Sir Richard Taylor have been able to build in Wellington. Clearly any penetration into the world’s multi-billion dollar software market would be an attractive opportunity that would be a way of increasing this knowledge-based economy. NZ has created itself a huge advantage that has become a concern for the established US companies like Microsoft and others in the US as they seek to protect their market share by foisting protectionist policies on smaller nations. 

In protecting market share, companies have been known to use software patents as a way to stifle, inhibit and negate competition rather than protect their own works. Practices that are legal but not necessarily within the spirit of patent law are designed to stifle competition like broadening the scope of the original patent or registering new patents that are well outside the scope of the original software are common. This causes emerging companies financial issues that either require cost prohibitive legal fees or end up causing royalties to be paid to the established software companies for the innovation provided by new companies. NZ’s ban on patenting software concerns the established companies because it negates their ability to threaten or follow through with patent lawsuits. Evidence so far has shown that patent laws in the US have become overbearing and obstructive causing emerging software companies to seek protection and NZ is seen as a viable option to achieve this. All NZ has to do is keep its ban on software patents. Here is where it gets interesting: In Jun 2012 Microsoft renegotiated its, Office Suite, contract with the NZ government. Not long after that the Minister of Internal Affairs, Craig Voss, added an amendment to the current Patent Bill that added the words “as such”. Without going into the detail of it all the effect that this amendment imposes is that it has the potential to negate the patent ban and play into the US Companies hands.  

NZ software companies that already have Worldwide penetration and are leaders in their specific niches include: Jade, Xero , Vista Entertainment Solutions, Orion Health, Gentrack, Fingertapps, Booktrack, GreenButton, Car Parking Technologies, Infotools, KlickEx, Outpost Central, Vend, WhereScape Software, Enatel, Vesper Marine and Diligent to name a few. NZ’s innovation and creativity has been well recorded. You just have to look at its accomplishments from Ernest Rutherford, splitting the atom; to Richard Pearse powered flight pioneer, to Harold Gillies arguably the father of plastic surgery; to Bill Hamilton, inventing the impeller water jet engine to help power boats go up river; to Sir Brian Barratt-Boyes pioneering the first cardiopulmonary bypass (open heart surgery), to Alan Gibbs and the Aquada amphibious car that Richard Branson crossed the English Channel in; to AJ Hackett’s bungy jumping; to Arthur Lydiard the inventor of jogging as a pastime; to Peter Witihera’s power beat battery; to Martins Jetpack, to name a few. Needless to say that Kiwis have been at the forefront of invention and design since New Zealand was established as a Country in early 1800’s. NZ has always demonstrated a willingness to step outside the box and its innovation has been made possible by its pioneer heritage, its absence of tradition and boundaries that have been common factors in inhibiting creativity. 

So what is a level playing field for software development? In essence it is an environment where software developers feel confident that they can can compete on an equal basis with their potential competition without being picked off by the effects of patent lawsuits that are cynically being used to limit, constrain and stifle competition. Established companies and Patent Trolls, (i.e Companies who only reason to exist is to use the law to gain an advantage and have innovative investment in the industry whatsoever) are the other problem. The US has realised the negative affect that patent trolls are having on a number of industries and it at a loss of how to nullify their operations (The Numbers don't lie: Patent trolls are a plague.

New Zealand already has a strong Open Source Software Community that have been active in building an open minded culture of innovation and creativity in the local software industry. This has been championed by the New Zealand Open Software Society (See article on how the current ban came into force) and the Institute of IT Professionals New Zealand. So all New Zealand needs is its burgeoning software entities, many of whom are world leaders in their niche fields of expertise, to unite in protecting the NZ’s advantage.

The exodus from the US and Canada has already begun. The ClearFoundation, a company whose software is in over 150 countries, was an early mover (See full article for moving to New Zealand), and moved here in 2011 to take advantage of the Ban on Software Patents and the business friendly environment. As an open source advocate, ClearFoundation was also impressed with the calibre of the Open Source Software Community here in New Zealand. While there may be others who preceded ClearFoundation we know that there are more lining up from the extensive networks that the ClearFoundation has in the US. These companies have a minimal carbon footprint, create jobs and revenues and are a potential benefit for New Zealand. 

In June this year we came across this article Bringing Innovation to New Zealand by a Canadian software developer explaining his perspective as to what is going wrong with the US and Canada, and why he is in the process of moving to New Zealand. His article spells everything out in simple terms and essentially what he is saying is this: New Zealand offers a number of benefits as pull factors, i.e first world country, english speaking, good connectivity through high speed broadband and the education system is world class and the lifestyle outstanding. These factors and the trickle through of developers already could mean the time is ripe for actively luring the best and brightest emerging software companies and entrepreneurs to New Zealand. 

At the moment there have been just a few companies moving to NZ but as they have good experiences and tell their friends how good it is in NZ the potential for the flood gates to open is only a push or pull factor away. The US and Canada realise that they have a problem with their Patent laws and are moving to see what they can do about them. This article explains the issue. (Patents.) 

The issue for New Zealand is to have the courage to stay the course and keep the field of dreams alive by maintaining its patent ban on software. As alluded to above, there is a move to change the law with Minister Foss referencing the move as falling into line with the European Unions Patent Law. The NZOSS regards this as a backward step and deems that this amendment will negate the Ban. So it is all in the hands of the Parliamentarians and the word is that the numbers are sufficient for the bill to pass with the amendment. The best way to defeat the amendment will be for the Minister to withdraw his amendment. If he doesn’t then for either Peter Dunne, United First Party or one of the Maori Party to vote against the amendment to the bill.  

The final reading of the bill will take place sometime after 29 Jan 2013, once parliament resits in the New Year. If the amendment is upheld all is not totally lost because there is an opportunity to shape the interpretation of the amendment once a patent lawsuit is submitted and in the courts. Unfortunately, this will cost thousands and in reality will be a reflection of what software developers will have to put up with in future if the shaping objections are unsuccessful. The shaping will be be focused on influencing the court to support “specific invention software patents” and not “general obvious software patents”. 

The aforementioned Canadian Software developer sums it up nicely. “I hope that New Zealand does not succumb to external pressures to abandon its plan to eliminate software patents, because without such a ban the future of software innovation is rather bleak. New Zealand now has the opportunity to lead the world with enlightened laws that foster true innovation, rather than encourage legalistic oppression. Besides, New Zealand is a beautiful place with excellent wine and friendly people - a place I would love to call my home.” For the short 18 months that the ClearFoundation has been in New Zealand it has found the business environment to be supportive, innovative and creative. The people are friendly and accommodating.

So the Field of Dreams for the Software industry has been built in NZ and it is worth protecting to build a solid knowledge based economy by attracting those brightest and innovative from the US and Canada to create businesses here. Combine them with NZ’s existing software companies that already have a worldwide market presence by creating the opportunity to collaborate and NZ will have set the conditions to potentially have its own Silicon Valley that creates jobs and revenues. So if you have any influence with Minister Foss, United First or the Maori party now is the time to act to keep the dream alive.


Hey Ho, Samba 4 Has Arrived! ClearOS Preview Coming Shortly

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Congratulations to the Samba Team on shipping Samba 4!  

For those of you who don't know, Samba 4 not only includes the high quality file server solution that we have come to depend on for many years, but also an Active Directory** logon environment.  Yes, you will be able to start replacing those Windows Active Directory servers with a Samba 4 implementation.  For all the gory details, you can find the Samba 4 feature list here and in the release notes.

So, how does Samba 4's directory integrate with ClearOS?  Well, ClearOS uses a driver model for the accounts system (users and groups).  One of the steps that you see when you configure a ClearOS system is the account system driver selection as shown in the following screenshot:

ClearOS with Samba 4 Accounts

Once selected, ClearOS will use the driver in its normal and native way.  In the case of Samba 4, there's no synchronization going on between Samba's directory and other directories or user databases.  When Samba 4 is running, all apps and services on ClearOS query Samba Directory directly.  The current internal Samba Directory app has been tested with FTP, PPTP, Squid, SSH, and other apps and it all works great!

ClearOS Professional 6.4, which is expected to be released in the next few weeks, will include this new Samba Directory app.  Please keep in mind, we are going to be cautious with the release of the app -- it will be beta until we figure out all the gotchas.  Oh, you can expect a public preview in the next few days... stay tuned.

Home users don't need the complexity of a full blown directory: Kerberos, SIDs, Base DN, and all that other jargon should not appear anywhere in ClearOS Community Edition user interface.  In home and small office environments, we are going to keep things as simple and slim as possible.  Our plan is to release ClearOS Community with Samba 4 implemented just as it is right now -- as a solid and reliable file server.

** Trademark is the property of the respective owner. ClearCenter and ClearFoundation are not affiliated with Microsoft.


ClearCenter Nominated a Finalist in the Best Hybrid Cloud Solution for the 2012 UP-START Cloud Awards

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Orem, Utah. December 2012 Recently ClearCenter, was notified by Susan Allen, UP-START 2012 that ClearCenter had qualified as a finalist in the “Best Hybrid Cloud Solution” category for the 2012 UP-Start Cloud Awards. The UP-START Cloud Awards recognize extraordinary achievements. These prestigious awards are the result of a huge vote from people at the heart of the cloud. The very best of the best for 2012 will be announced during the conference in San Francisco.

ClearCenter is honored to reach the award finals, given the calibre of the other finalists that included the likes of Alfresco, Hewlett Packard, Eucalyptus and Virtustream.  Michael Proper ClearCenter's CEO and ClearFoundation's Chairman stated that the nomination is a reflection of the value that ClearOS users have obtained from ClearCenter's Hybrid Service Provider Model and ClearCenter's Hybrid Appliances coupled with the hard work that the ClearFoundation Team & Community continually add value to our customers and partners.     

This is only the third time that these awards have been held and the voting process for them is conducted in two phases. The first phase collected votes from the public through an online voting form. This phase was completed on Nov 23, 2012 and thanks to those from the wider ClearCenter & ClearFoundation community for your many votes. The next voting phase is limited to only those people who attend the 2012 UP-Start Cloud Computing Annual Conference in San Francisco on December 12, 2012.  

Welcome to UP 2012

The Third Annual Global Cloud Computing Conference is an annual review of cloud computing developments and trends and the impact on the global economy and society

One of the biggest and oldest cloud events with world class lineup of speakers, providing solutions, that can be applied today and tomorrow. Conference covers following topics:

  • Enterprise Automation and DevOps.
  • Infrastructure and Operations.
  • Business Agility and Continuity.
  • Cloud Mobility.
  • Transition, Integration & Process Optimization.
  • Big Data, BI and Knowledge Management.
  • Standards, Governance & Security.
  • Cloud Adoption & Case Studies.

If you still haven’t made your mind up as to whether you might attend we have been able to get a  20% off discount for our supporters for the Expo Only ticket and here is the code Upon check-in supporters will receive a ballot with a list of all finalists, which has to be filled and deposited to the ballot box to register your vote.

Come join the fun.


ClearOS Community 6.4.0 Alpha 1 Released

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We're getting an early jump on ClearOS Community 6.4.0 by releasing Alpha 1.  Along with the usual round of bug fixes and enhancements, this release introduces a new reports engine, a storage manager, an antimalware file scanner, a basic POP/IMAP server as well as upstream proxy support. Here are the app details:

Filter and Proxy Report
Resource Report
Network Report
- Storage Manager
- Basic IMAP/POP Server
- Upstream Proxy Support
- Antimalware File Scan

You can find important release and download information in the Release Notes.  This is alpha software, so expect to hit the command line to test out all the features.  We will be releasing Beta 1 before December holidays.

For those of you interested in the ClearOS Professional 6.4.0 release, expect to see Amazon EC2 Images, Network Mapping, Samba Directory / Samba 4 Beta, and more!


Reports, Reports, Reports

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The release of version 6 brought a new mindset to ClearOS: apps can no longer be "just good enough", apps need to be well put together.  Almost every single report in ClearOS 5.x was in the former category.  So today, we are happy to announce the beta release of the new ClearOS Reports engine!  3 new reports are available:

- Network Report
- Resource Report
- Filter and Proxy Report

The new report engine will continue to evolve throughout 2013, but the engine is already a big improvement over what was available in ClearOS 5.x:

- Tighter integration (3rd party reports are no longer hacked into the web interface)
- Unified look and feel
- Interactive charts
- Sortable and searchable data tables

In the future, live reports, PDF and weekly mailings will be added to the report engine.  If you would like to install the beta version of the reports, please run the command below (subject to change!).  The reports will be available via the Marketplace in a future test release.

yum --enablerepo=clearos-updates-testing install "app*report*"


Dropbox for Users

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A new app from the ClearFoundation development team has been added to the Marketplace this week.  The app integrates a Dropbox client onto your ClearOS server, providing users with the ability add a Dropbox folder to their home directory on the server and have the ability to access that folder from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop etc.) with a Dropbox sync to the same account.

The app is available free of charge.  It's pretty simple in it's configuration and inner workings (think version one dot oh) and doesn't use any Dropbox API's (a GUI-less Linux client from binaries provided by Dropbox are used), but if anyone in the community would like to add features, please connect with us to continue on with this app's development.

Documentation for the Dropbox app can be found here.

The ClearCenter team will likely be looking at GoogleDrive and Dropbox for Teams in the near future for cloud based file storage/sync for our end-users in companies, education, distributed enterprise and government.


New App Available: SMART Monitor

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Yet another great app has been released by Tim Burgess: SMART Monitor!  Seasoned administrators know that hard disks fail on a regular basis -- it's not a matter of if, but when.   The SMART Monitor app analyzes the reliability of hard drives and predicts drive failures.  Yes, you can detect a hard drive issue before it cause a system failure and potential downtime.  

Tim's app is available for $10 (one-time) via Marketplace.

ClearOS SMART Monitor

SMART Monitor - User Guide



Translation Tools Now Available

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We are happy to announce the official launch of the new ClearOS translation tools!  We have integrated the output from the translation server system into the ClearOS web framework.  This web-based translation system makes it possible for collaborators from around the globe to contribute.  In addition, a new Developer App provides a way to see the results of new translations just minutes after making updates on the translation server.

For more information, please see Getting Started. If you would like to contribute, please send a message to and we can get the ball rolling.


Vote ClearOS | The People's Choice, New Zealand Open Source Awards

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We Need The Community's Help - Please Vote!

ClearOS, on behalf of the ClearFoundation has been nominated as one of the choices for this years New Zealand Open Source Awards :: People's Choice Award! 

Votes must be cast by Oct 26th.  

Simply follow this link and click on the 'thumbs up' icon next to ClearOS.  That's it!

Thanks again for the opportunity to come together to build, use and continually improve such a worthy project as ClearOS.

ClearFoundation Team.



Vote ClearCenter | Best Hybrid Cloud Solution

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Vote for ClearCenter . 

Select the 'Add' link next to ClearCenter and scroll down and select 'Vote'.


Why Vote for ClearCenter?

ClearCenter is dedicated to, and a pioneer in Hybrid Cloud technology and services sector. ClearCenter provides a unique ability to quickly and seamlessly deploy hybrid solutions in almost any environment.

Hybrid IT is the delivery of IT applications and services through a seamless integration of cloud and on-premise resources. Hybrid IT leverages the best elements of cloud applications and services as well as on-premise security and efficiency to offer the most productive open source IT platform available.

Hybrid Cloud Technology (Cloud Applications & Cloud Services) is bringing sophisticated and complex applications to global IT at ever lower costs - some for free. On Premise resources can therefore be consolidated to critical network, gateway and server functions. Combined with the evolution of comprehensive Open Source Applications and Open Source Services, Hybrid IT is a dominating trend that is yielding the highest performance for the lowest cost. Hybrid IT harnesses the strength of these three growth trends - (1) cloud computing, (2) on premise applications and services and the ever strengthening (3) Open Source movement.

The open source revolution in the software industry has made it possible to provide ClearOS software at no cost. Among other features, anti-virus, anti-spam, VPN and content filtering are built right into the software. With ClearOS, you can avoid costly vendor lock-in and proprietary formats; instead, you can embrace open standards and protocols as well as the ability to develop new features and integrated with existing systems using the Open Source software.

Dominating IT trends evolve from a combination of IT growth trends in the global IT market. Recent growth trends include Open Source Software and Open Source Services, and Cloud Applications and Cloud Services, and the consolidation of on-premise resources. Hybrid IT is a dominating trend evolving from decades of momentum and development around these key growth trends.

So again, why vote for ClearCenter?  Because ClearCenter has been and will continue to be a global leader in Hybrid Cloud Solutions. vidmate




New app available: BackupPC

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Another great app has been released by Tim Burgess: BackupPC! The software is a high-performance, enterprise-grade system for backing up Linux and Windows systems to a ClearOS server. You can find more detailed information and features on the BackupPC web site. To install this free app, please do so via the Marketplace on your ClearOS system.


IRC Fridays

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Starting Friday September 7, at least one member of the ClearOS team will make an effort to be available on IRC on Friday afternoons (Eastern Time, North America).  Hopefully we'll be able to be around a lot more than that in the future, but we're going to keep it simple for now.

#clearfoundation on Freenode


ClearOS Community 6.3.0 Released

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ClearOS Community 6.3.0 has arrived! Along with the usual round of enhancements, this release introduces new apps focused on the mail server stack. Anchored on the Zarafa for ClearOS solution, you can now implement an on-premise or private cloud mail server using ClearOS. This release includes the following new apps: Zarafa Community for ClearOS, Mail Antivirus, Mail Antispam, Antispam Updates, Greylisting, and more.

For businesses and organizations, ClearOS Professional 6.3.0 also includes Zarafa Professional for ClearOS, Mail Antimalware Premium powered by Kaspersky and Gateway Antimalware Premium powered by Kaspersky. The Zarafa solution provides Outlook support (calendaring, tasks, etc.) as well as integrated mailbox backup.

- Release Notes
- 32-bit ISO, 64-bit ISO, and links to virtual machine images



6.3.0 Beta1 is out!

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Yep...that's right. ClearOS 6.3.0 Beta1 is ready for testing. ClearOS 6.3.0 Beta1 contains new additions to its powerful server, network, and gateway features by adding powerful mail features not contained in ClearOS 6.2.x. ClearOS continues the trend of integrating free modules from ClearFoundation and commercial applications and services from ClearCenter and partners. ClearOS does this by re-introducing open source mail improvements and commercial grade mail services using Zarafa. In addition, wireless support is starting to work its way into this release and a framework for inclusion in the general release is ongoing in development. If you are looking for a powerful and easy to use solution for your small business or distributed enterprise, ClearOS 6.3.0 is your answer.

For more details, please reference the release notes for ClearOS 6.3.0 Beta1. Installers are also on the mirrors so to get started with new ISOs just head to the testing directories and have FUN!



Zarafa Community and Mail Stack Beta 2

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For those of you who missed the first announcement, 16 new mail server apps are now in beta.  You can get a big picture overview of these mail apps in the first announcement Zarafa and Mail Stack Beta 1.  This second beta release is ready for real-world use.  It is still a beta mind you, so the usual word of caution.

Next: Installation and Configuration


Samba 4 Beta Released (upstream)

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Congratulations Samba Team!

The Samba Team has announced the release of Samba 4 Beta 1!  Why is this good news?  Well, Samba 4 supports Active Directory** logon protocols.  In other words, Samba 4 can act as a Microsoft Active Directory server much in the way Samba 3 can act as a domain controller (PDC).  That's a game changer.

Have no fear, ClearOS 6 was re-designed with Samba 4 in mind.  We'll be posting more information about the ClearOS Samba 4 roadmap in the near future.  For now, it's hats off to Samba!

** Marks belong to their respective owners


Content Filtering with the Active Directory Connector

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A new implementation guide is available for those of you who would like to deploy a ClearOS Content Filter using users and groups from Microsoft's Active Directory. The guide goes through the steps for deploying a ClearOS system in gateway-mode using the ClearOS Professional Active Directory Connector app.  This tight integration provides a number of advantages for those running Active Directory on their networks:

- No need to use different tools to manage users and groups.

- Single sign-on support for the web proxy and content filter. A user only needs to login to Windows and there is no need to login again to access the web.

- Integration with other ClearOS apps too, for example, PPTP Server

Read on: Content Filtering with Active Directory Connector




ClearOS Mobile Starter Kit for Developers

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We are happy to announce a cool new toy for developers - an Android app to get you started with mobile development! Please keep in mind, this is a developer demonstration with open source code to get started.


On your ClearOS system, install the server-side app for the Android app:

yum --enablerepo=clearos-updates-testing install app-mobile-demo

Once installed, you can find the demo under System > Developer > Mobile Demo. From that page you can click on Download & Install to get the app from Google play.

ClearOS Mobile Demo - Android


- After you have added a new system to the application, you may have to wait up to 10 minutes before you start to see data synchronizing. This all depends on how many other sync accounts you have (GMail, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, etc). This is apparently "normal" behavior.

- The app will install on Android 2.1 and up, but older API versions do not support periodic data sync, this has to be done in some manual way. Periodic sync works from API level 8 (2.2.x FROYO) and up.

- The password you use to authenticate with is never stored on the phone. It is used once to obtain a session cookie. These cookies will expire after 2 hours. You will be notified with a sign-in error when the session expired. I will be updating the ClearOS framework to extend sessions time-outs dynamically so this won't be an issue for future real world apps.



Zarafa Community and Mail Stack Beta

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The ClearOS Mail Stack and Zarafa are ready for a first round of feedback from alpha testers. In February 2012, a prototype version of the Zarafa app was created. It was a bit too late in the ClearOS 6 release cycle, so Zarafa was set aside. Well, now that version 6 has been released, we can get back to Zarafa and the entire mail stack. There are 16 apps (!) involved in mail processing in ClearOS:

Free Apps

- Zarafa Community
- SMTP Server
- Greylisting
- Mail Antispam
- Mail Antivirus
- Mail Settings
- Zarafa Extension - Zarafa mailbox state and quota when adding/editing a user
- Contact Extension - Extra contact information when adding/editing a user
- SMTP Server Plugin - SMTP Authentication state when adding/editing a user

Paid Apps

- Zarafa Professional
- ClearCenter Antispam Updates
- ClearCenter Antimalware Updates
- Premium Mail Antivirus powered by Kaspsersky

In addition, the following libraries have been added. These apps do not appear in Marketplace or the web-based administration tool, but are important parts of the ClearOS mail stack:

- Mail Filter
- Mail Routing
- System Database

This initial release is intended for testers and developers. If you are looking to start running your Zarafa mail server in a live environment, please wait for another week or so. 

Next: Installation and Configuration