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Group Title: ClearOS
Group Description: As an open source Linux distribution, ClearOS is the perfect combination of technical excellence and flexible architecture. ClearCenter can be tailored to fit the needs of virtually any small business or distributed office environment.
ClearOS is managed through a single, intuitive web-based interface for the entire system, including all components and services. The ClearOS WebConfig management console dynamically reveals the ClearOS features depending upon what modules have been deployed in a given environment. The ClearOS server can integrate with existing technologies and servers on-site without conflict.
ClearOS has been proven to be a secure and robust gateway on the network edge. With commercial grade firewall and intrusion detection available with constant upgrades from ClearSDN, it becomes the networks first defense against malware, viruses and hackers. Your network is safe with ClearOS.
ClearOS software is available free for download and can be adapted as needed for specific environments. Additional services and features are available at very competitive rates via ClearSDN. Using ClearOS and ClearSDN, you can reduce IT management costs.