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I’m using clearVM on HP server with local storage. I have 3 VM (all Centos, same version)
Today I restart a one of this VM from centos terminal and now this VM not start and in ClearVM dashboard ( I have the errore “storage not found”. Other 2 VM display correctly “Hard drive (/mnt/d1/)“ but this no. How can I resolve this problem?

Thanks to all
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Thursday, January 10 2019, 07:40 AM
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    Monday, January 14 2019, 07:00 PM - #Permalink
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    ClearVM 1.0 starts VMs as a qemu-img. It has to start it or it won't know about it. In ClearVM 2.0 we use libvirtd so the whole libvirt stack and tools are compatible.

    From command line you should be able to determine if your block devices are present. Run the following and see what is available and what is mounted:

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