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Does anyone have any idea how I can insert this into flitered.php so that users can email a request?

Basically what I need this to do, with the contactengine.php, is email the results of the form to our helpdesk, so that they can add the site, based on organizational policy to the site exception list.

I tried to place this code in the filtered.php in the 'HTML' section.

I added a second 'WebTableOpen' and 'echo' statement, but as you can see I am in over my head.

For some reason I could not post with the code, so I am attaching the files.

Thanks for the help!

Randy [file name=filter_attempt.txt size=6079][/file]
Monday, June 21 2010, 04:33 PM
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    Monday, June 21 2010, 07:28 PM - #Permalink
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    Well I think I found a solution and hopefully it will help someone else out.

    The original form is from
    It was modified to fit our enviornment.
    You will need to make the modification to the following:
    contactthanks.php form.html.
    You may or may not want a logo, if you do, you will need to create a images
    directory in your public dir on your ClearOS server and place that image there.

    To get this to work, place the folowing in the 'public' folder on the
    ClearOS Server. Mine was '/var/webconfig/htdocs/public/
    Now you need to modify the filtered.php
    After the close of the 'WebTableClose' function, and before the 'WebFooter'
    function you need to add an additional 'WebTableOpen, and an additonal
    'WebTableClose' plus a link for the form. I should look like this:
    WebTableOpen("Request an Exception", "600");
    echo "
    <td class='mytablesubheader' nowrap width='200'>Request an Exception here:</td>
    <td><a href='form.html'>click here to request an exception</a></td>

    Updated file 2010-06-25 [file name=filtered_form-20100625.gz size=3369][/file]
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