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Hello Everyone,

I've set up Clear OS just a few hours ago, Virtal machine from ISO Image.

Every basic setup i make correctly.

I have simple firewall rules on my router so only 2 thing i want from Clear OS, Antispam + Antivirus.
I just set up only one NIC's because i dont need it outside, just in my LAN.

And then i've installed 2 apps: antivirus + antispam, and i have a little problem
I'm not sure if they are working correctly, because i dont see any reports like " x email blocked today" or something, and then i go to antispam blacklist, set up there my second email address, and then write a email from second email adress to my mail server, and it wasn't blocked so i have a suspicion that 2 apps doesn't work correctly.

I don't know if my configuration is correctly, can someone help me at this topic ?

In installation progress i choose "private server" if it's make any changes.

Friday, April 13 2018, 09:33 AM
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    Sunday, April 15 2018, 11:29 AM - #Permalink
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    Can you help me with your set up? From what you say it is a standalone server on your LAN.
    For it to provide anti-spam facilities you must configure the mail server in some way. Are you using ClearOS as a mail server or is it passing through to another mail server?
    How are the e-mails getting into ClearOS? Have you opened port 25 in ClearOS, forwarded it through your router to ClearOS and set a domain to point to your router or are you using the Mail Retrieval app (fetchmail)?
    For anti-virus are you just talking about checking e-mails or to scan the system or for web-browsing as well? If it is for web browsing, it is not good at that because, as a gateway type of device, it can't intercept https traffic, only http.
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