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Hello all,
I've a wifi system on which I can create multiple SSID. I can than attrib each SSID a VLAN. On my COS system, I created the same VLANS and this if working fine. When connecting to (for exemple) the SSID belonging to the VLAN5, I get an IP address of that VLAN and the same for the others VLAN.
I then installed the radius server to allow the authentication on my SSID using a username/password and this is working fine, too :) the only problem I've now is that I'd like that a given user or group can only authenticate on a given VLAN (and by the way on a given SSID). The goal of that is to be able to give specific access in a school to teachers & students.
Per advance, thanks to all for your help
Sunday, November 05 2017, 05:52 PM
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