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Dear all,

I want to setup a backup similar to my zarafa backup.

First: I rsync the data folder into a compressed file:

tar -czf /var/flexshare/shares/software/backup/backup_owncloud/owncloud_data_folder.tgz /var/clearos/owncloud/

Second: I backup the settings in /etc/owncloud the same way (I backup the whole etc anyways all the time, so I do not have a extra command for that)

Third: I backup the database:

/usr/clearos/sandbox/usr/bin/mysqldump --lock-tables -u owncloud -pIshouldNOTpostTHEpasswordHERE owncloud | gzip > /var/flexshare/shares/software/backup/backup_owncloud/owncloud_db.sql.gz

The database backup is the recommended way on the owncloud webpage. Though, for zarafa I use --single-transaction instead of --lock-tables. I guess this does the same thing at the end. (not allowing other people to do changes during the backup).

Is this backup OK and does it cover everything?
Can I use the --lock-tables or should I use --single-transaction?
Do I need to stop owncloud or some other service during the backup like I do it for zarafa?

Thank you for your help.

Best wishes,

Sunday, October 02 2016, 09:18 AM
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