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1. More current SQL server Mysql 8.x
2. Letsencrypt working behind cloudflare proxy
3. Fail to ban working on websites with throttling thru a CDN such as cloudflare
4. Settings for email relays in gui
5. On a os such as ubuntu 20.x lts with security updates
6. PHP 8.1
7. Cron management via GUI
Wednesday, March 23 2022, 12:04 AM
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    Wednesday, March 23 2022, 09:42 AM - #Permalink
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    1. MariaDB 10.1/2/3/5 are available from the command line from the SCL repos. For it to run you'd need to stop the built in MariaDB as they both bind to the same port. I am not sure what else needs to be done. It would be nice to have it integrated into ClearOS. See, but you don't have to do some of the stuff it mentions.
    2. Difficult. It means moving your DNS to Cloudflare. We are not using Cloudflare for * domains. Does it not work now or is Cloudflare killing it by forcing http > https?
    3. No idea what you mean.
    4. So would I. I would attempt it but am scared of the risk of me getting it wrong without others to support. Also I am now time limited.
    5. Pro's and Cons. You would be forced to much more frequent updates even if you use an LTS version. This has a knock on for the developers as well.
    6. This is a problem with the RHEL/Centos/ClearOS line of Linux
    7. Could be useful.
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