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Good afternoon,

I am prompted for the passphrase during boot on my ClearOS server. After entering the password, the LUKS volume identifier changes as if I am trying to unlock different volumes. Eventually it moves on to a screen saying something about "Entering emergency mode" and says to view the log by using the command journalctl.

I'm not sure what the actual problem is but I know I have the correct passphrase. Is this recoverable or do I need to wipe the drive and start fresh? This is a mission critical server but I don't want to wait my time trying to fix an encrypted hard disk if it is non-recoverable. The 2 (1TB) drives are mirrored and I have tried to run one at a time with no luck.
Tuesday, December 11 2018, 08:06 PM
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    Tuesday, December 11 2018, 08:51 PM - #Permalink
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    I've no idea about encrypted volumes, but have you checked what journalctl (or perhaps "journalctl -xe") says? Also does it get as far as writing any logs - mainly /var/log/boot.log and /var/log/dmesg? Does the command "dmesg" give you anything?

    If it is mission critical, isn't a supported Business subscription perhaps a good idea?
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