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I'm happy to announce that all bug reporting has been moved to GitLab. Most issue are transitioned and the remaining issues will be moved soon. This should make it easier to report bugs. It will also help the community engage better into bug submissions, issues, merges requests and other types of development around ClearOS. We look forward to your submissions and assistance. If you know of old bugs in the forums that have not been addressed, please submit them for review.

So what is a bug and what is NOT a bug? The easiest answer is 'Do you know exactly what is to blame?'

A bug is something that you can define as a reproducible issue. The bug system is not a helpdesk. That means if it is an operations issue, portal issue, or configuration issue, chances are it is not a bug. Often, with a bug, you can point to a specific set of steps that cause the issue or can point to the place in the code where there is a flaw. Bugs can and need to lead to either merge requests or code changes and you may be asked for more information. Feel free to dig in, roll up your sleeves and squash bugs or report them.

A bug is not a configuration error or issue that you can not repeat or define in a test lab. Meaning, if you are looking for tech support, submitting a bug is not the way to get the issue resolved and you may be referred to Community or Paid support. The community forums are still the place to go for incubation of ideas, trouble if you are not a seasoned ClearOS user, and if you are unsure as the the cause of your issue. If you are not sure, ask here in the forums.

Gitlab is quite open so that submitting bugs should be easier. In the past, you had to get either a developer to submit a bug for you or to get an account. Bug submissions that are tech support questions in disguise may get removed with the answer 'not a bug'. If you get a 'not a bug' response and you are sure it is one, please dig a bit deeper and document better.

The old tracker is here:
New issue tracking is here:

You can also watch this video for an introduction on the new bug reporting method:
Sunday, February 24 2019, 04:58 AM
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