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i am trying to solve a cyber fraud and i need to see who accessed a web page on a certain date.
that was from 3 months ago i can see usage from 30 days ago but i cant seem to go really far back

i know the web address but dont know how to find this out
Friday, January 22 2016, 01:07 PM
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    Saturday, January 23 2016, 01:30 PM - #Permalink
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    From memory, every ClearOS Community Edition I have ever used had a default of 4 weeks for the log rotation. In addition to log which machine accessed which web-page you would need the proxy running, user authentication turned on and the user accessing the internet using the proxy. The default for the firewall is not to log traffic. But don't take my word, check your logs in /var/log/. Never used the professional paid version so have no knowledge of its configuration. If that is what you have, then raise a ticket.

    On my machines I have now changed that default log rotation to 14 weeks. I went into hospital for 5 weeks, and a day or two after admission one machine had a problem at home. By the time I was discharged the logs that might have provided a clue were well and truly gone :-(
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