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I've got 2 old (from last year and Feb this year) notifications - for High swap usage and High load, that I can't clear. I've hit 'acknowledge', but nothing changes. The problem is no longer apparent (long story, but was fixed by increasing memory in the VM), but I can't find where it's being reported from, nor can I clear the notification.
Monday, November 15 2021, 03:52 PM
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    Monday, November 15 2021, 04:24 PM - #Permalink
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    I don't know why they don't clear but it is a known issue. I run a tidy-up job monthly in case the events database becomes corrupt as it drastically slows down logging in. If you run:
    systemctl stop clearsync && rm -f /var/lib/csplugin-events/events.db && systemctl start clearsync
    This should clear your issue as well.
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