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In the past it took some time to get from older versions of CentOS to newer versions. Things have gotten a lot better especially in the CleaOS/CentOS 7.x era.

An elephant in the room is CentOS 7.x is so far past its rational expiration date with its ancient kernel (and the ridiculously outdated packages forced by RedHat) the time is now to get ClearOS onto CentOS 8 - if not for the kernel alone - wouldnt it be nice if redhat rebased the kernel every 2-3 years or so instead of never :)

I've run RedHat 8 on a VM and on bare metal and have run CentOS 8 on a VM - it should be possible to start looking at getting ClearOS running on CentOS 8...

Can't wait to see ClearOS 8 whenever it comes - hopefully sooner rather than later.
Wednesday, September 25 2019, 09:43 AM
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